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Are you ready to use the masturbator?

Are you ready to use the masturbator?

1. What is the sextoy?

The sextoy is actually a tool for male masturbation. Its shape and texture are very similar to the female vagina, and its appearance is small, like a Coke cup. , so the fidelity is very high. When a man is in physical need, you can say that this thing is his best "sex partner".

male masturbator cup

2. Classification of masturbating for men:

Pocket pussy have also evolved from manual pocket pussy to electric pocket pussy and to today's multifunctional smart Male Masturbators;

Let's talk about the manual Male Masturbators first. As the name suggests, you need to do it manually. Since the colloid is put into the cup unlike bare hands, it can cause a strong negative pressure when you get in and out, which makes you feel more intense.

Blow Job Stroker with Realistic Vagina and Mouth Double Sided

  • The electric sex toy a vibration device that creates an extra feeling when a man inserts it .Compared to the manual Male Masturbators, the structure is more complicated and the price is higher than that of the manual sex toy!

  • The sex toy for men has more functions than the electric sex toy, such as intelligent heating, intelligent sound, suction interaction and many other functions.

In fact, choosing the Male Masturbators is like buying a car. Some drivers prefer automatic transmission, which is easy to operate and save worry and trouble; Some drivers prefer manual transmission because of the feeling of control. The same is true for Male Masturbators, so you can buy as you like!

3. What is the use of Male Masturbators?

In simple terms, it is a piece of soft glue with a profiled channel in the middle, stuffed in a plastic shell. The role of the Male Masturbators is to satisfy people's sexual needs. When a boy uses an Male Masturbators, the penis is inserted into the profiling channel in the soft rubber, and the channel rubs and squeezes the penis, achieving sexual pleasure.

4. How to use the Male Masturbators?


  • Add an appropriate amount of lubricating liquid to the channel.

  • Distribute the lubricating liquid evenly in the channel.

  • Get started!


5. How should the Male Masturbators be cleaned?

  • Rinse with plain water.Many people think that the Male Masturbators should be turned upside down and cleaned, but this is actually wrong. Turning it upside down and cleaning it can easily damage the entrance of the Male Masturbators, which will break and damage the colloidal solution inside. The proper cleaning method is to open the inlet slightly, turn on the faucet, and let the flowing water pour into the mold until the water overflows from the mold, and let the flowing water automatically rinse out the dirt. (Pay special attention to the electric Male Masturbators. Remove the soft foil first for cleaning. Remember not to clean the outer case. There are electronic components in the outer case that will be damaged if water gets in).

  • Wipe clean. After washing, place a dry towel inside to wipe off the water. Remember not to use paper towels. Paper towels leave paper shreds that are easy to breed bacteria.

  • Place the Male Masturbators in a storage bag and keep it in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. High temperatures cause chemical reactions between PVC and TPR materials, resulting in toxins for It also has an aging effect on silicone products. In addition, for Male Masturbators with batteries, the batteries should be removed and then stored to avoid corrosive liquids.

The Male Masturbators can help you reduce fatigue and give you complete relaxation from psychology to physiology, so that you can relieve all kinds of pressure from work or life and make your whole body more comfortable. Choose an Male Masturbators that suits you and start your happy journey!


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