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How to choose the right chastity cage?

How to choose the right chastity cage?

Before we turn to the question of which chastity cage may now be right for you, it’s important to properly classify this sex toy. Just like the chastity belt in the past, the chastity cage or penis cage serves exactly the same purpose today. Only this adult toy is mainly used in BDSM sex. This form of role play, in which one partner sexually dominates over the other partner, is something very intimate and arousing.

Why wear a chastity cage?

In BDSM sex there are always two roles. Once the dominant role and once the submissive or submissive role. Here it doesn't matter at all whether man or woman plays one or the other role. What is more important here is that you agree and everyone is happy with his role. In BDSM sex, the chastity cage is worn by the man, who assumes a submissive, that is, submissive role. Thus, in this love game, the man gives up complete control of his penis to the woman or partner. Since the penis cage is equipped with a lock, the dominant role in this BDSM sex game can or must decide when he redeems the submissive.

What is the effect or power of a chastity cage?

A chastity cage does exactly the same for a man as a chastity belt does for a woman. Because the penis cage encloses the actual member and is pushed over the penis and testicles with the help of a ring, the submissive in this BDSM sex game alone cannot remove this device. Because the chastity cage is firmly closed with the ring by a lock. Thus, the dominant here has complete control over the sexuality of the partner. Because the chastity cage prevents the man from getting an erection, from satisfying himself, that is masturbation, also it is not possible to have sex with it. In BDSM sex, this is a very high level of control that one gives up and takes accordingly as the dominant partner.

The longer both partners endure this state, the greater the arousal and desire for each other. When the dominant finally releases the submissive, sex is then all the more intense. As a couple, here you can of course freely choose the type of satisfaction in BDSM sex after unlocking the chastity cage and thus vary the fun of sex. With the duration of how long the man wears the penis cage, you can specifically influence the degree of arousal and thus have an exciting sexual experience.

4 Chastity cages with advantages and disadvantages of different materials.

There are chastity cages in different shapes, variations and, of course, materials. The choice of materials has a direct impact on the feeling of wearing, comfort, but also the possible sensation during an erection and, of course, certain hygienic aspects.

  • Silicone chastity cage

A silicone penis cage is the softest compared to the other materials. If you put a lot of emphasis on comfort, this could be a good choice. However, due to this material property, on the other hand, the silicone chastity cage might break down faster if necessary. Also, in case of an erection, this penis cage would stretch along with it and thus might not fulfill the actual purpose of the BDSM sex game.

  • Leather chastity cage

Compared to the silicone chastity cage, a leather cuff with ring or rings mostly made of metal is much more robust. Leather is also higher quality compared to silicone and also looks better. On the other hand, leather processing can lead to wearing comfort being limited. There could be some chafing here, which is not acceptable in the long run. Also, a non-ideal design of the penis cage can lead to the fact that residues are deposited during urination and thus an unpleasant odor is formed.

  • Plastic chastity cage

A plastic chastity cage is quite a popular choice in the BDSM sex scene. The material is sturdy and can be shaped in an optimal way. This makes it easy to clean after prolonged use. It also serves the purpose of suppressing erection due to its firm properties because it does not stretch with. Compared to leather and metal penis cages, it is also lighter and can be worn more versatile. As for the material, appearance and aesthetics, of course, leather and metal materials can not be compared, here a plastic chastity cage can hardly keep up. Also, it may happen that awkwardly molded plastic may chafe and be uncomfortable to wear.

  • Metal chastity cage

In conclusion, there are metal chastity cages. This material is ideally molded for the purpose. The penis cage is either made entirely of metal or a plurality of metal rings that are connected together. The strength and skin feel of metal cannot be matched by the other materials. Chastity cages made of metal are just the variants made of plastic very good for cleaning and also safely limit a possible erection. As far as design and appearance are concerned, penis cage models made of metal are in a class of their own. A possible disadvantage here could be the rather heavy weight, which could possibly affect the wearing comfort.

Is it true that the bigger the chastity cage, the better?

Unfortunately, this statement cannot be confirmed across the board. The size of the chastity cage should be well considered. The length of the penis in a non-erect state should be taken as a basis. You measure from the base of the penis to the glans and can then select the size of the chastity cage based on this length. Whether you then take a large or small penis cage accordingly depends on what feeling you want to experience. A chastity cage that is too large may not fit tightly enough when worn for long periods of time and may chafe here.

During actual BDSM sex, it can also happen that you get an erection despite wearing a chastity cage. A small model would lead to so-called pleasure pain during an erection, which could increase the excitement here. You just have to be sure what feeling or comfort is most important to you.

How do I choose the right chastity cage?

In order to choose the right chastity cage, you can choose in advance what material you like and what features you are looking for here. If comfort is the most important thing for one, then a penis cage made of silicone or plastic would be interesting. If it is about robustness and strength, the chastity cages made of metal, but also plastic are a good choice. On the points of design, shape and aesthetics, models made of leather and metal can most likely meet your taste here.

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