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What is a chastity cage?

What is a chastity cage?

A chastity belt is a type of locked garment designed to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Such belts were developed in the past for women, ostensibly to protect them from rape or to keep women and their potential sexual partners from sexual temptation.

Modern versions of the chastity belt are used primarily, but not exclusively, in the BDSM community, and chastity cages are now available not only for women, but also for men, in different designs and with more features. Typically, this type of device is attached and locked to the male genitals, and the key or other device or method of unlocking is usually held by the man's sexual partner to ensure that the man does not engage in any sexual activity other than that of the key holder. sexual activity. A cage made of plastic, silicone, metal, or other material that completely encloses the penis.

Why wear a chastity cage?

1. To express fidelity to the other half, it effectively prevents masturbation and sex, and does not lead to orgasm without the other half.

2. Submission, relinquishing control over the sexual act when sexual freedom is seized by the keyholder, which may take days, weeks or even months, and the desire to be at the keyholder's disposal when the chastity lock was originally intended for women, but has acquired greater significance in modern times.

3. In BDSM he has the role of the submissive, the obedient and the dominated, which increases the excitement and gives a different feeling.

What are the advantages of a chastity cage?

1. For celibate men and men with stronger desire, it can be effective to control the desire, spend more energy and attention on other things, and reduce the need for sex.

2. Since the sexual act is not limited to the penis, you can experience sex more effectively by paying more attention to your partner's feelings and experiencing more feelings that you have not experienced before, bringing each other to orgasm.

3. If you are more physically and emotionally intimate with your partner and extend foreplay, you will be more aroused at the time of release.

4. In a BDSM group, you can enjoy being dominated and doing what you are told.

Common chastity cages:

  • Silicone chastity cages

  • Leather cages

  • Plastic cages

How to wear:

1. Cleaning and removing hair, cleaning is a must, removing hair can prevent it from catching and affecting the wearing experience.

2. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the penis.

3. Slowly place the penis into the chastity lock, it should be much easier with the lube.

4. Get into a comfortable position and close the chastity lock (make sure you know how to open it before you close it).

Is the chastity cage safe?

The chastity cage is completely safe when used properly and can be easily opened with the key. In case of emergency, please consult a doctor.

Does it hurt to wear a chastity cage?

It is painless and safe to wear, so please choose the right size for you.

Is a chastity cage easy to clean?

The chastity cage is very breathable and can be cleaned with a cotton swab or a fine strip of cloth.

How long should I wear it the first time?

It is recommended to wear it for one day the first time and then take it off for one night before proceeding. After the initial habituation, you can slowly increase the wearing time, i.e. after three days you can take it off for one night and maintain this frequency to gradually extend it to a week, a month or even longer.

Can I wear my chastity lock for a longer period of time?

We do not recommend wearing it for a long period of time because it is the same as other body parts: Long-term wear can cause atrophy, and it takes time to recover, so it is very important to relieve it regularly.

Metal, silicone or plastic, which of these three materials is most comfortable?

Plastic < Metal < Silicone

Silicone is characterized by the fact that the shape can be easily changed, and although the length of the cage hardly changes, the freedom of angle change is great and the feeling of constriction is greatly reduced.

The special touch of metal is actually the most comfortable and gives a strong psychological feeling of constriction and a strong feeling of falling.

Plastic and silicone are basically just as light, but they are generally not strong enough and will crack and break after a long period of wear (usually 1~2 months in a row). Besides, the plastic will slowly fog up from inside and the original transparent plastic will become blurred.


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