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Essential sex toys for women

Essential sex toys for women

That sex is something great and very natural, we should all be sufficiently known. Sex toys are small or even large helpers that can make the love game a little more exciting. But if you do not have a partner or he is just not present, especially women should not give up your sexual fun. Dildos and vibrators are nowadays an indispensable sex toy for women and provide intense satisfaction for many.

What actually are sex toys?

Sex toys are, if you are looking for an exact definition, tools that are used during sex to have fun during sex either alone or together. Sex toys today come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These are used for different types of lovemaking. It does not matter which sexual expression one prefers. There are no limits, so to speak, when it comes to sex toys, neither for women nor for men. The important thing here is that both partners agree to use them and are mindful of the toy and, of course, the other partner. Typical sex toys for women are dildos with or without vibrator function. For men, artificial vaginas are used to reach climax here. In addition, there are blindfolds, handcuffs and bondage as well as other sex toys rather from the BDSM area.

Why do women and men use sex toys?

An essential point of sex toys like dildos and vibrators or even artificial vagina emirates is clearly masturbation. The fulfillment of the sexual need is something normal and important. Not only because it relaxes and satisfies us, but because it is fun and good for us. You could masturbate without a sex toy, but the arousal and satisfaction would not be the same. This is because a sex toy imitates the opposite sex organ for the woman or the man in each case. An imitation vagina simulates a woman and the feeling on the penis during satisfaction is much closer to a real woman than a hand. The dildo imitates the man's penis accordingly as a sex toy for the woman. You can also reach orgasm with your fingers, but a well-shaped dildo with a built-in vibrator can be much more pleasant and allows the woman to stimulate just the right spot to reach orgasm much more intensely.

What precautions should you take before using sex toys?

If you are using a sex toy like a dildo for the first time, it can be quite useful to take some precautions. These will ensure that you have the best possible experience with your new sex toy and have a lot of fun the first time, as well as the times after.

How and why should you clean sex toys?

Sex toys should always be cleaned thoroughly before use. This prevents batteries from accumulating on the dildo, if necessary, and thus avoid getting an infection or even a urinary tract disease. Make it a habit to clean your sex toy after every lovemaking session, whether alone or in pairs. The cleaning of dildos made of silicone is usually done with warm soapy water, unless otherwise described. Also, please make sure to dry the sex toy thoroughly afterwards so that it does not remain moist. This reduces the risk of mold forming here if necessary.

Please also remember to clean your sex toy extensively when you change sex partners.


After we have discussed the necessary and you know how to properly care for your sex toy, we come to the pleasant part. Before you insert the dildo, create for yourself the necessary atmosphere to relax optimally. The use of sex toys can often be unfamiliar for women. All the more it is important to reach the state of relaxation. This leads to the fact that you do not unnecessarily tense up and inflict pain on yourself, if necessary. No matter what helps you do it, you can do it to relax.

Feel free to use lubricant when using sex toys:

To make the first time with your sex toy as pleasant as possible, you can use lubricant without hesitation. With it, you will manage to insert the dildo pleasantly and get the hang of what is good for you and what is not much faster. Basically, you can say that using lube is always advisable if it makes it more fun for you or helps you relax faster.

Step-by-step instructions for the use of sex toys:

1. buy a sex toy that you like. It should not be too simple and can quietly have a few functions. This will ensure that you will have fun with it for as long as possible.

2. Familiarize yourself with the toy and read if there are special cleaning instructions for your sex toy.

3. Clean your sex toy and let it dry thoroughly.

4. Create time to try out your dildo. It is not advisable to rush into anything here. After all, this is about sexual pleasure and for that you should take the time you need.

5. Relax. Take a bath, dim the lights, anything that makes you feel good is allowed here.

6. Apply lubricant to the sex toy and start slowly.

7. Feel free to try what you like and let yourself go.

Essential sex toys for women:

Authentic dildo with built-in vibrator

The naturally shaped dildo made of high quality silicone is an excellent sex toy for women. The optimally compatible material is rounded off by a variety of functions. With the remote control, the dildo can be heated, penetrated, vibrated, rotated and even performs a tongue licking function. The versatile use of this sex toy for women leaves little to be desired here.

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Well-shaped dildo with built-in dual motor. 

This dildo also has a variety of exciting functions that will sweeten your love play either alone or with your partner. This rechargeable sex toy can vibrate, penetrate and also has a tongue licking function. The well-tolerated material made of high-quality silicone serves its purpose and the pleasant shape feels great. The remote control and the two built-in motors, which provide an extremely strong vibration, round off this great sex toy even more.

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Exciting strap on dildo as a sex toy for couples

This so-called "strap on" dildo is super suitable for a love game for two. Whether gay or straight. All couples can prepare this strap-on dildo a lot of fun in the bedroom. Up to three dildos can be attached. These are used to satisfy the partner as well as for their own stimulation. The highly elastic material can be worn by people up to 80 kg. With this versatile sex toy no wishes remain unfulfilled.

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