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Utimi Realistic Dildo:

Made of high quality silicone: non-toxic, tasteless, safe, soft, durable and the one-piece design is easy to clean and sterilize.

A silicone dildo is a non-vibrating phallic sex toy made of silicone. Silicone dildos offer a soft, smooth and pliable texture that is still firm enough for insertion and internal stimulation. Many people prefer silicone dildos because the material is flexible, making the sex toys feel more realistic than dildos made of glass or other hard materials. Silicone dildos are also good for people with allergies and other sensitivities because they are skin-friendly and phthalate-free.

Heating function: a constant temperature of 43 degrees, which gives you a more real pleasure.

The dildo vibrator has a smart heating function and the temperature is 42-43°, close to the actual body temperature of the person. You will feel as if the living is entering your body to enjoy the ultimate orgasm. The heating function adds a little warm feeling.

The special surface texture is more exciting, and the constant temperature heating of 42 degrees gives you more warmth and awakens your libido.

Strong suction cup design: can be firmly absorbed on various smooth surfaces, so you can experience different sexual positions. It also has super strong bearing capacity, so you can enjoy the pleasure of sex to the fullest.

The position can be:

  • Missionary position

Missionary position works just as well as any other sex position and can be even more fun than others when you play alone. In fact, it is one of the best dildo positions you can find that allows you to lie down in a comfortable position with easy access to your clitoris. To prolong the game, you can start the session by applying lubricant and massaging your vagina for more pleasure. Choose the least sensitive area and gradually move to the clitoris. It will help you build up the excitement and maximize the pleasure.

  • Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the top dildo positions, especially for couples who want to explore BDSM as animalistic and emphasize power play; the giver is dominant and the receiver is submissive. With a suction cup dildo, you can mimic sexual intercourse and enjoy deep thrusts to your liking. As you move your hips back and forth, focus on stimulating your clitoris with a vibrator and feel all your muscles tense as you climax. Other sex toys you can use are vibrating nipple clamps to make you feel more dominant.

  • Squatting Cowgirl

The only real downside is that the squatting position is often not an option, as a dildo is hard to balance - one wrong move and you could tear your vaginal wall. However, the deep penetration and direct G-spot stimulation cannot be replicated in any other position. And I understand that. Sometimes you just want to test your limits and make things as intense as possible. But if you don't have a partner, don't worry. You don't have to give up the squatting cowgirl position just yet. That's what suction cup dildos were designed for.

  • Spooning

Masturbation can be an excellent opportunity to explore your body and experience what feels good, but sometimes a long session is not an option, and we just want to enjoy the finale. Since orgasms promote better sleep and help you relax, there's no reason why you shouldn't engage in self-pleasure, even if you're very busy.

Since spooning is a typical snuggle position, it provides a sense of security, making it one of the best dildo positions for beginners who are not yet comfortable with their bodies. While you lie down under the covers, you can completely relax and stimulate your G-spot.

  • Chair cowgirl

Being on top is not the same when you play solo, but it still has its advantages. Cowgirl is a lap dance position that will allow you to penetrate deeply, and if you use a suction cup dildo, you can be sure that you will be satisfied. A wireless realistic dildo may not be a real cock, but you can choose a size and shape that best suits your needs. Imagine giving someone a lap dance and then experimenting with hip movements. Try moving your hips in circles to stimulate the vaginal walls, then combine forward and backward movements with up and down motions. When your thighs get tired (it's quite a sex exercise), insert the dildo fully and swing your hips back and forth in tiny movements.

Tongue licking design: Stimulate your clitoris during sex, let you orgasm perfectly.

The vibrating tongue mimics the design of human tongue and gives you the most realistic feeling. It stimulates your sensitive G-spot, clitoris and nipple where you need it.

The tongue licking design gives you intense body satisfaction. Sucking/licking the vibrator will shock you as you discover sensations you've never felt before.

It can be used as a personal nipple massager, anal and G-spot clitoral stimulator for women, which is a great tool for flirting during foreplay.

Push And Rocking: Can be extended to 21cm under the stroke function, which is very suitable for your needs.

A dildo is usually defined as a sex toy that is exactly the size of a male penis and is intended for use in the vagina or anus and will give you great pleasure. The definition of a dildo should express that the cavette does not "vibrate or rotate and does not require electricity or battery. Dildo is referred to as a sex toy."

There are modern dildos in sizes from small to huge and a few different materials, the size of which can range from a unique erotic experience and realistic to imaginary fantasy.

The realistic dildo helps in pushing and rocking between partners or individuals. It helps to create a huge sex pleasure when you push and rock alongside.

The wireless remote control design: 10m remote control, convenient for personal use and can also be controlled by your partner, making your sex life fun.

The wireless realistic dildo is made of double density liquid silicone, which is not only soft, silky and super colorful, but also guarantees its sturdy inside. It has a strong suction cup, which is enough to hold the dildo firmly on any smooth surface, so you can play hands-free even with intensive use.

Rechargeable: USB magnetic charging design, charging is more convenient.

The magnetic charging design provides long-term use and gives you a steady stimulation current. It is designed to unlock more sexual positions and have fun in your bedroom, living room and kitchen. It is a perfect wireless handheld remote control for posture and easy to use.


  • Clean dildo first:Sex toys should be cleaned between each sex act and between each partner. You probably know that sexual activity increases a woman's risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs); you may not know that the bacteria that cause UTIs live in the area around the anus. Sex increases the likelihood that the bacteria nearby will move into a woman's urethra, where they can multiply and cause a UTI. Most products will tell you exactly how to wash them, and if you're unsure of your toy's exact instructions, warm soapy water is a good place to start. And be sure to dry them as well. Damp toys can get moldy.

  • Use lubricant or condoms: Condoms should definitely be used to cover phallic-shaped toys for people who share toys with a partner. This is because even if you clean your toys carefully, there is still a chance of transmitting infections. A study published in November 2014 in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found traces of human papillomavirus on vibrators a full day after they were used and cleaned. The condom should be replaced when you change the parts of your body that come in contact with the toy, such as from oral to vaginal use. If you really want to share your sex toy between partners, using condoms is a viable option. All you need to do is cover your sex toy with a condom before each use.

  • Take it slow: If you are new to this, you need to take things slowly. Don't rush, and in time you'll become perfect at it.

  • Try a different rhythm: play around with the position.

The position that works best depends on whether you are wearing the dildo and what sexual acts you want to use it for. For partner play, positions that allow the receiving partner to control the depth and rhythm are best. Think: riding on top, reverse rider, or doggystyle.

It may take some trial and error to find a configuration that works best for you.


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