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Why He/She need to do Kegel Exercises?

Why He/She need to do Kegel Exercises?

For women, Kegels are an exercise that make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. Your pelvic floor is a bunch of muscles and tissues that sit at the bottom of your pelvis. It’s basically a hammock that holds your uterus, bladder, rectum, and small intestine in their places. Doing Kegels regularly strengthens this sling of muscles and keeps everything where it should be.

For another, Kegels in humans with male reproductive organs help with urinary or fecal incontinence. Actually there already are some research that has found that Kegels may help with sexual function — Kegel helps the penis become engorged with blood, meaning Kegels can help with erectile dysfunction.

Let’s go specific that the reasons of doing Kegels.

1. Strengthen Pelvic Muscles

During pregnancy, after giving birth, after having surgery, when you get older, or you are overweight. Your pelvis would become weak and result in pelvic organ prolapse, that is mean one of the organs in your pelvis drops from where it should be and gets all up against your vaginal walls. And Kegel is a good way to strengthen PC muscle and prevent you from pelvic organ prolapse.

2. Easier Childbirth or Post-Partum

When you’re in the process of having or have just had a tiny baby, Kegels would be your friend. Giving birth stretches the pelvic floor muscles, which are in control of holding urine. When weakened, the natural consequence is that they fail to do their job correctly. Doing Kegels during pregnancy would result in easier births, because you are more enable to control the muscles when you’re going to be using to push a full human out of your vagina. Having stronger pelvic muscles can also help to control for incontinence and hemorrhoids, which plague many pregnant people. After birth, Kegels are used to help with perineal healing and get the pelvic floor muscles back into shape.

3. Improve Your Sexual Function

Your pelvic floor muscles are the ones that rhythmically contract when you have an orgasm. Hence, it makes sense that making your pelvic muscle stronger would result in stronger orgasms. Kegels improve blood circulation in the vaginal area, which increases vaginal lubrication, you know that feel better with a slippery sex. Doing Kegels can also help you turn yourself on, because you’re pushing blood down there. Some people can even orgasm that way, hands free but can get more pleasure from Kegel. Finally, strengthening these muscles can help some people orgasm vaginally for the first time.

4. Loose Vagina

Sorry to mentioned this point, but just for the people who is crazy about tight vaginas. If you are experiencing a looseness to your vaginal walls (which can happen over time as you age or after pregnancy), Kegels can help. They won't actually re-elasticize your vagina, but they can make you feel tighter because you're strengthening the muscles around your vagina, which can then squeeze more strongly.

5. Incontinence And Emotion Well-being

Since your pelvic floor muscles are the ones that stop your urine stream, it makes sense that strengthening them through Kegel to help with incontinence. What’s more, suffering from urinary incontinence can affect your self-esteem, your mood and even your quality of life. Most of people will feel really distressed when they loss their control to their bladders.

Besides, there are few things you need to notice when you are doing Kegel exercise: Follow an proper rhythm to do Kegel exercises; When you choose the Kegel ball to help you, you’d better to choose the high end material Kegel balls; Never give up before seeing result!


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