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What is the best way to store different sex toys?

What is the best way to store different sex toys?

You have a sex toy or even already a small or large collection. Since you certainly enjoy your toys alone and maybe with yours, the question may also arise sometimes: How should you store different sex toys best? This post will answer all the relevant questions about how to store and keep your sex toys. Because the correct and also possibly discreet storage of your sex toys is just as important as the correct use. In addition, the correct storage significantly ensures that your sex toys are preserved for as long as possible and remain in a high quality condition. This will allow you to enjoy your toy for a very long time and have a lot of fun with it.

Why is it important to store sex toys safely and carefully?

Safe and careful storage of sex toys ensures that they remain as clean and without damage as possible. It doesn't matter if it's a dildo, vibrator or sex swing. Your sex toy after you use it just throw it in the corner or store it under the pillow is not hygienic and even damaged the toy. Some sex toys are very exclusive and expensive and are made of slightly more delicate materials, such as glass. Here, special care is required when storing so that it does not accidentally fall and break. In addition, you can very quickly lose the desire to have sex if you bring out a sex toy and this is moldy or smells strictly only because you put it slightly damp in a plastic bag and this could not dry properly.

How much space do you need to properly store sex toys?

The question of how much space you should plan for can develop or change over time. Here, it's important to determine at the outset how many sex toys you have and how big they are. Take an inventory and determine how many sex toys you have and what type they are. Is it exclusively dildos with or without vibrating function or is your collection well mixed and includes BDSM - sex toys and other accessories. Once you have sifted through your collection, you may notice what is still missing and if you want to get some more sex toys.

Depending on this quite exciting and interesting sex toy inventory, you can better answer the question about the necessary storage space. If you have only one dildo or one imitation vagina, a special bag made of satin or silk will be enough. If you have a larger collection and plan to expand it, storage solutions in boxes or crates are worthwhile. This will allow you to keep a better overview and find the sex toy you need faster.

How can you store sex toys as discreetly as possible?

In addition to a safe and possibly well-organized storage, it is quite conceivable that you also want or even need to store your sex toys discreetly. If perhaps you live in a shared apartment or have children living in your household, it is very likely that you will not leave your dildo or even the whole sex toy collection lying around open and exposed. You will definitely like a certain amount of privacy and avoid potential unpleasant questions here as much as possible.

  • Stow sex toys in special bags

A few dildos and one or two other accessories can certainly be stored well in a special bag. Of course, this should not be transparent and not made of plastic. A dark bag made of fabric allows a certain post-drying of your cleaned sex toys, if they still have some residual moisture.

  • Store sex toys in specially designed boxes

Do you have a somewhat larger collection and does this collection consist of different sex toys, then it can be worthwhile to implement a storage solution with different boxes here. This allows you to store sex toys of the same type or for the same theme or love games together and thus find them faster. Correct in this type of storage is to make sure that certain boxes / boxes are as breathable as possible.

  • Special storage options for sex toys

Having already presented storage alternatives for sex toys in the form of bags and boxes, I now come to a few special storage options.

Stools or benches with built-in storage space are some for the stowage of various sex toys. These benches can also be placed at the end of the bed and thus fit well into the bedroom decor. This variant stores the sex toys much more discreetly than a dark bag somewhere in the room.

Another option is to dedicate a separate closet to their sex toy collection, which you might even lock. This is especially worthwhile for larger sex - accessories such as a sex swing or various larger BDSM - sex toys.

What is the best way to store sex toys?

We have previously presented various storage options for your sex toys. Now, we finally turn our attention to how best to store these sex toys.

1. Make sure that the sex toys are clean and dry.

I have already addressed the point of dryness and cleanliness a few times. After using sex toys such as dildos, vibrators and vagina - imitations, make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly. This will help you avoid the formation of mold and unpleasant odors.

2. Silk or satin storage is best.

One or more bags made of silk or satin can store dildos and similar sex toys very elegantly and discreetly. These materials are very good at storing sex toys dust free but well ventilated. If here the sex toy is not 100% dry, then it may well dry a little in a silk or satin bag and is thus well stowed for the next use.

3. You should store sex toys made of different materials separately if possible.

It is quite worthwhile to store sex toys with the same material also together. A BDSM - sex toy made of metal could possibly damage a vibrator made of silicone a little bit. Therefore, if possible, make sure to store sex toys differently according to your material and also texture.

4. Remove the batteries from your sex toys (if possible).

If it is possible, you should remove the batteries from your sex toys. It has been quite common for conventional AA or AAA batteries to leak after a period of time. This can cause the sex toy to become damaged or completely unusable.

5. Make sure that the charging cable is stowed together with your sex toy (very important!).

If your sex toy has a built-in battery, make sure that you always store the sex toy and its charging cable together. This will ensure that you can always charge your sex toy and use it accordingly.


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