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How to Make An Amazing Oral Sex For Women?

How to Make An Amazing Oral Sex For Women?

Literary speaking, oral sex is the activity of using the mouth, tongue, and lips to touch someone’s sexual organs that includes vagina, vulva, clitoris or anus in order to give pleasure.

There is no doubt that to learn more about female anatomy can be a good start to make an oral sex, but every woman has a different reaction to sex, some women are fairly easily while others need more time and stimulation to reach an orgasm. When you consider to give a oral sex to your partner, you’d better be patience to make a foreplay for her and make her relax, especially if she is the first time to experience an oral sex。

A woman's sexual pleasure and stimulation begins in her brain and ends with her clitoris; not the other way around. The more you make emotional deposits into her well-being, the better your sexual energy and synergy will be. Ideally, you should be making deposits daily, and even when you're not having sex. This way, she knows that your intentions are genuine and your feelings for her are sincere. 

Be Patience During Foreplay:

Be patience during foreplay, oral sex is not a competition or you need quickly to let your partner reach the orgasm, if your be rush and lick faster, you would make her tense, frustration and uncertainty, you know that women are easily impacted by these negative emotions, always feel insecure, might be fear of cannot reach orgasm. So you need to slow down and make her relaxed to enjoy what you’re doing for her.

Be Rhythm to Lick or Suck Clitoris:

Start teasing her by licking the clitoris with your pointed tongue, and develop a nice rhythm to delight your partner. Her moans of pleasure would be your good helper to determine the speed and intensity of your tongue’s pressure. The pleasure of gently licking wouldn’t satisfy your partner anymore when she is enthralled. You need to apply pressure on the clitoris when licking or sucking and increases your rhythm of suck. The skill of you suck is important, some people may fail to make an oral sex since they cannot apply a good suck. Once you suck her clitoris, be sure to suck it as though you are sucking the juice from a half-peeled orange. Make sure you try to do this in an undulating fashion, much like a jet stream pump.

Using Your Tongues:

Except to stimulate the clitoris, there also are some places you can try using your tongue to massage it. You can use your tongues to imitate the movement of a penis, the tongue is more soft and flexible than a penis, both physically and visually that would give your partner stronger impact. If you know more about female anatomy, you can try to explore your partner’s body by your tongues and your fingers.

In conclusion, for making an amazing oral sex, the biggest thing you need to concern is oral sex should be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Listen to feedback without offending that would help you to build your technique. 


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