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How to Find the Best Men's Sex Toys

How to Find the Best Men's Sex Toys

Make Solo Play More Satisfying:

If you want to enjoy more than just your hand, there are two types of sex toys for you to try. The first is a masturbator. Male masturbators mimic the look and feel of real skin for a life-like experience. You can find them shaped like vaginas, mouths and even backdoors so you can pick your favorite experience. Some masturbators are even molded directly from popular adult stars.

If you want something a little larger, then a love doll might be the best sex toy for you. Love dolls, or blow-up dolls as they're sometimes called, give you the feeling of being with a woman. Realistic and nearly full-sized, most love dolls come with three holes for penetrating and are made of soft, easy-to-clean PVC vinyl. Many are even designed to look like your favorite adult performers.

Strengthen Your Os:

Men have a super-sensitive bundle of nerves around their prostate that you can stimulate for mind-blowing pleasure. Prostate toys are specially shaped to make it easy to find your sweet spot. They come in all shapes and sizes from beginner-friendly silicone plugs to bed-shaking vibrators. The best prostate toys usually include a perineum stimulator so you can massage those sensitive nerves from the outside too!

Satisfy Your Partner:

Penis rings are one of the best sex toys for couples. These little marvels slip around the base of your penis and restrict blood flow to give your firmer erections and increase your size. The best penis rings include a vibrator so you can stimulate your partner during sex for even more fun.

Achieve & Maintain an Erection:

There are dozens of items – including delay sprays, penis pills and special creams – that claim to give you an erection. But penis pumps are undoubtedly the best at it. Penis pumps create a vacuum around your shaft that pulls blood into your penis, making it easier for men to achieve an erection. The vacuum effect even helps increase your size for a short period of time as a bonus. This is why penis pumps are routinely recommended by doctors for men with ED.


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