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How To Use A Male Masturbator

How To Use A Male Masturbator

A male masturbator is exactly what it sounds like- a sex toy that enhances male masturbation. Whether to spice things up during foreplay with a partner or to get to cloud nine alone, male masturbators got you covered.

However, you need to know your preferred type of masturbator before you can make any sense of the usage tips.

Types Of Male Masturbators:

Just like other categories of sex toys, there are several types of masturbators.

  • Pocket Masturbators

These masturbators are also called pocket pussies. Just as the name implies, they are specially made to be mobile and pocket-friendly. The main reason people use them is that they are very discreet. They are not made to mimic any human part so you can have them in your pocket without your friend recognizing them.

  • Sex Doll Male Masturbators

Sex dolls are adult dolls that are penetrable, although not portable. While other masturbators help masturbation by stroking the penis or vibrating on it, sex dolls are for penetration. You can penetrate them like a real vagina. They come in different variants with different openings. Some have anal openings, some have vaginal openings, and some have both. With sex doll male masturbators, you can masturbate in different positions.

  • Handheld Male Masturbators

Just as the name suggests, these male masturbators are made to be held with one's hand. They are also portable and they give users usage options. You can either hold it in your hand and move it around your penis or just hold it in one position. With its optimum stimulating effects, you can feel the effects before you even get hard.

  • Egg Portable Male Masturbators

They are portable masturbators that are shaped to look like eggs. Their oval shape gives a long range of entrance to the penis. Some give some form of suction that stimulate the tip of the penis as well as the body. They are also relatively cheap and recommended for first-timers.

  • Realistic Male Masturbators

Realistic male masturbators are made to look like a real human body. They are usually made of silicone, making the masturbators feel as sleek as a human body. They make you feel like you're having sex with a real woman. Some are made to look and feel like the mouth. So when you use it, it feels like you're getting a blowjob from a woman. It has suction features and tip-stimulation features that give you a realistic experience. Some others look and feel like the vagina. They have a pink colour that looks like real flesh around the clitoris. All you have to do is fantasize and, boom!- you're there.

How To Use Your Male Masturbator?

The first and most important tip when it comes to using a male masturbator is lubricating your toy.

While you may be tempted to try using a masturbator without a lubricant, you should not try it. This is because, regardless of how sleek the texture can be, it is not skin. This means that you will feel uncomfortable when you use a male masturbator without lubricant.

There are majorly three types of lubricants for you to choose from:

  • Silicone

They are very popular and effective. However, it is not advisable to use silicone lubricants on male masturbators made of silicone. This is because they will damage the material of your toy.

  • Water-based

They are probably your best option. They are very comfortable and also free of harmful chemicals. You can use them on any type of toy.

  • Oil-based

They are known for facilitating smooth sliding and gliding of the penis. Although they may be relatively harder to wipe off, the sleek feeling they give surely pays off.

It is worthy note that the best time to lubricate your penis and/or toy is before you start at all.

Another important thing to take note of is cleaning up your masturbator after use. Since these toys are to make you ejaculate, your cum should not be left in/on them. You should regularly clean them after your satisfying experience, especially when you use them with other people.

Benefits Of Using A Male Masturbator:

  • Stamina Boost

One of the best benefits of using a male masturbator is that it can improve your stamina. Since you get to practice with different types of toys, you can definitely last longer in bed too!

  • Better Sexual Experience

When you know your preferences with masturbators, you know how to help your partner satisfy you better.

You can also use your masturbator while you and your partner engage in foreplay. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your partner use your masturbator on your penis.

Automatic and Realistic Male Masturbators, Are They The Same?

An automatic masturbator is specially made to give satisfaction like the real human parts.

A realistic masturbator is made to look and feel like a woman's mouth, vagina, and anus.

The two types are not the same. While realistic masturbators are made to look like body parts, automatic masturbators don't have to look like a human part- they just have to give the effects.

Recommended Male Masturbators:

With the wide array of male masturbators available for sale, it is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed. However, you can trust our recommendation as we have handpicked the best products and filtered them through the best male masturbator features.

If you want such features as:

  • Comfortable and realistic feel
  • Extra length and elasticity

  • Minimum noise

  • Different modes and speeds

  • Better-than-real ecstasy

  • Speed adjustments
  • Maximum comfort

Then, the ISEXSE male masturbators are your best bet. With these amazing features, you can be sure to spice up your sex life. Whether to satisfy yourself or to enjoy with your partner, these masturbators are sure to deliver.

The ISEXSE male masturbators give you maximum comfort. They are specifically made to satisfy users without any restrictions. You may have seen adverts online about male masturbators saying that they feel ‘as good as real'. Well, as for these ISEXSE male masturbators, they are ‘better than real'. They have features that stimulate the penis better than any human.

Even if you're a newbie as regards male masturbators, these masturbators will make things easy for you. They are super easy to use and handle as they have no complicated features.


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