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Magic Wand Massager For Beginners 2022

Magic Wand Massager For Beginners 2022

Maybe you are not a great lover, maybe you want to try something new before your sex life becomes bland, or maybe you want to spice up your sex life with a partner. If so, the magic wand massager is an excellent and pleasurable toy that can be used in different ways.

Utimi 28 modes Magic Personal wand massage:

28 modes,4 intensities, 7 vibration frequencies, each intensity and vibration frequency can be combined, switch at will, experience 28 kinds of stimulation.

The powerful detachable up and down motor can avoid hand numbness while experiencing strong vibration.

Detachable soft silicone head cover:

Unlike other similar massage sticks, it is equipped with a detachable silicone head cover, which is as soft as the skin, giving you more comfortable enjoyment.


Waterproof :

IPX7 waterproof effect, so you can use it in the shower.



Wireless rechargeable, compact design, you can carry it in your bag, you can enjoy yourself even in the journey.


Ice Cream Appearance Design with LED Light:

The sweet ice cream look in pink, also adds LED light, so you can use it anytime, even late at night.


Some tips of use the magic wand:

  • Use Magic Wand Solo

One of the many benefits of a Magic Wand is its versatility. It's a great solo toy for exploring different parts of your body, or even as a sex toy with a partner. The Magic Wand will feel best if you use it by yourself first and find out what spots or techniques feel best. This way, when you bring your partner in on the action, they can help you find new ways to reach that level of orgasmic pleasure again and again.


  • Use A Fabric Barrier

Using a fabric barrier can prevent the toy from having a smell and will also save you money in the long run. Even better, we sell some fabric barriers that you can use with your magic wand sex toy at Utimi store. It might be a good idea using The Wand with a barrier or two of fabric when you’re masturbating.

Because it’s so intense and powerful, having it straight on the clit can be uncomfortable, but putting it over underwear or even your yoga pants can be worth a try. each use.


  • Experiment With Pressure

Pressure is important when it comes to wand vibrators. The better you get to know your own preferences, the more power and speed you will have in understanding how different patterns feel on your clitoris. Experiment with pressure on your clit until you find what works best for you and make sure to be careful with those on-a-stick personal massagers! It is recommended that only battery operated wands should be used in water. You can use any type of lubricant with a water resistant toy. If you're looking for some extra pleasure - experiment with vibrations. Sometimes, rotating the head of the toy can offer new sensations too. As a general rule of thumb, don't leave your wand alone and unsupervised if left plugged in unattended as this could lead to overheating or electric shock.


  • Experiment With The Placement Of The Wand

The Wand has many different benefits, the most popular being that it offers clitoral stimulation while penetrative sex occurs. There are three main places on the body where you can try inserting the Wand in order to maximize its effects. One is near the anus or perineum, which is known as anal wanding or prostate massage; this often feels good and helps create more intense orgasms. Another place is between two people during cunnilingus or fellatio-giving oral sex while using the toy creates a hands-free experience and also feels great for your partner if they're providing oral pleasure as well. And lastly, during intercourse with a man, inserting the toy at either end of his penis will increase sensation in both partners and lead to more satisfying sexual experiences.  


  • Pair It With A Dildo

Your magic wand sex toy can be used to stimulate a partner's clitoris and other sensitive parts, giving them the pleasure they crave. It can also be used internally to create some pleasurable anal stimulation with its flexible head. To ensure your experience is one you will enjoy, consider using your magic wand sex toy in conjunction with another dildo that you may have laying around. One option would be to insert the dildo first and then place the head of your wand on top of it. Experimenting with different positions may help find what works best for you.


  • Try Out Different Models And Attachments

Some magic wands come with attachments like smaller wands or dildos, while others just have the basic vibrating sensation. Try out different models and attachments before making your purchase so you know what exactly you're getting into! Tip #1: Ditch The Dildo Attachment For Hands-Free Pleasure: Not everyone needs to use a dildo attachment for pleasure, but it is a fantastic way to experience hands-free orgasms. You can also use a dildo without an attachment by inserting it through the hole in the head of the wand.

Use It Together With A Partner:

  • Spice It Up With Pillow

Pillow will spice up your wand sex toy experience by turning it into a hands-free device. This makes it perfect for masturbating in bed without having to hold the vibrator the entire time. It also works great if you want to use both of your hands and want the sensation of vibrations on all sides. If you're using a clitoral vibe, then experiment with putting different sized pillows under one leg or on each side of your body so that you can get pleasure from varying levels of pressure. The material is also good at keeping lube off your sheets which is always nice. You can use pillow as a makeshift lap desk for typing and surfing the web while still being able to access your partner's naughty bits when needed. The pillow's arch design helps keep weight off of your lap as well which is something everyone likes (yes, even guys). Lastly, this thing is big enough to fit two people comfortably! So grab yourself some lube and make out while masturbating together!


  • Him On Her

With a partner, experiment with what kind of touch feels good to you. You can use the tip of the toy against their clit or nipples while they are on top or they can use it on your breasts or your clitoris while in missionary position. You can also insert the toy into your vagina and have them thrust against it as you lie back and enjoy it. Or, try lying on your side facing them so that they are in between your legs using the toy on you at once! You can even wear the toy during intercourse by putting it under your leg on one side and using it on yourself. The possibilities are endless!


  • Her On Him

Since your clitoris and G-spot are located inside the vagina, most people prefer that their partner have Her On Him which is where you get on top and control the movement and speed.

Alternatively, your partner can enter you from behind with him sitting down if that position works better for you. You may want to ask them to put a pillow under their hips to help make penetration easier. In this position, they will also be able to stimulate your clitoris by using one or two fingers of one hand while they thrust in and out with the other hand (or use a toy).


  • BDSM Ideas

BDSM is a huge interest for many people and one type of BDSM is called D/s, which stands for Dominance and Submission. Both partners need to submit themselves to the power dynamics, but it's often recommended that one partner assume the role of dominant. The person who wants to be in control can decide what they want their submissive partner to do. They might use their words as well as physical punishments (a spanking) or restraints (chains) if they want their slave to be restrained during sex.

If you're interested in being a dominatrix or dominating your lover, you might want to explore using the magic wand for some fun ideas! You'll need to establish boundaries with them before getting started so they know what they can and cannot say. Some ideas are: commanding them not to touch you, telling them not to look at you, forbidding them from saying anything except yes master or no mistress. You'll also want to tell them when it's time for the spanking (for example, when they've disobeyed an order). Take off all of their clothes and lay them on the bed face down. With a lot of pillows underneath their stomach, bend them over until they're almost laying on the bed. Take out your favorite toy and turn it on to whichever setting you prefer - start off slowly to warm up then go faster and harder as you go along. Be sure to talk dirty while doing this - it will make the experience much more enjoyable for both parties involved!

Summarily:Magic Wand is an electrical vibrator widely known for its extreme power and distinctive shape. Best used with a generous amount of lubricant on both the toy and your bits, it provides one of the most powerful orgasms you can get outside of a partner.


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