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What are the current types of dildos?

  • Zombie Dildos: While this dildo won't try to eat your brain, it will try to give you intense orgasms. Its meaty bumps and grooves will add that extra pleasure you crave.

  • Dragon Dildos: Aside from being massive and coarsely textured, Dragon dildos offer you a unique dildo every time that makes them special. The incredible level of imagination that goes into the design of a Bad Dragon toy is unmatched.

  • Werewolf Dildos: A wolf dildo is a dildo shaped like a wolf penis. If you are into fantasy porn or animal porn then this is the perfect product for you. A dildo is used to stimulate your body's sexual organs and give you good pleasure and better orgasms.

  • Alien Dildos: It is made of silicone material that has no smell and no harm to your body. The different colors are the most extraordinary and not suitable for beginners. And alien dildos make our perverted minds and holes think about it deeper. They are always irregularly shaped, large, with strange carvings around them.


  • Walrus Dildos: The walrus has one of the most magnificent tails in the animal kingdom. With this dildo, you can experience that in the comfort of your own home - no trip to the Arctic Circle required. It can also be any dildo with a series of expanding bumps, each larger and more demanding than the next.

  • Dog Dildos: It is an artistically designed dildo that can accurately stimulate a dog's contours and length. There are not only dogs, but also a wide range of other animal dildos such as werewolf dildo, K9 dildo, ponytail dildo, tentacle dildo, etc. With a dog dildo, you can finally transform your bedroom into an imaginary place where you can express your inner creature can live out.

  • Horse Dildos: Horse dildos have a unique shape and design. These fantasy creations have a flared head that creates an exciting bang feeling, and they usually have an admirable girth and length as well.

Strap-on dildos:

  • Double Strap-Ons: A double-sided strap-on or double-headed strap-on is a top sex toy that consists of two main parts, the harness and the dildo attached to it. While the harness is standard on all types and shapes, the dildo can be double-headed either on both ends or on one end.

  • Female Strap-Ons: This allows you and your partner to climax at the same time. They are intuitively designed to give pleasure to both people at the same time

  • Hollow strap-on dildos: The hollow dildo allows you to play with the temperatures

New style:

  • Inflatable Dildos: You can make your night unforgettable with the inflatable vibrating dildo or an inflatable silicone dildo. The inflatable dildos are also non-porous.

  • Anal Dildos: Anal dildos are dildos specially designed for anal use. They are often smaller than traditional dildos and usually have a flared bottom to prevent the dildo from going all the way in.

  • Chin Dildos: An easily accessible oral accessory that's also perfect when your mouth needs a break. Made of soft, supple latex, the chin dildo slips easily over the head for added internal stimulation and hands-free oral play fun.

  • Dildo Balls: is a sex toy perfect for solo masturbation, adding more fun and excitement to normal masturbation. A dildo ball looks like a yoga ball with an attached dildo on top to allow the rider to experience immense pleasure while riding.

  • DOUBLE END DILDO: The dildo has two insertable ends so it can be filled in more than one way.

  • Suction Cup Dildos: The surface used can also contribute to difficulty in sucking. If your dildo is used in a shower or bathroom, steam can also be a factor causing too much moisture.

  • Squirting Dildos: It makes you feel like your partner is cumming inside you. Have you ever felt that the functions of your everyday dildo are not enough? That's where this ejaculation dildo comes into play.

Types of Dildo Materials:

We have different types of dildo materials which include:

  • Jelly Dildos: Jelly is one of the most common and cheapest materials for a simple sex toy. They are soft, mushy and sometimes a little sticky. They are malleable and one of the best materials for vibrators and dildos because the vibrations can be felt through the material.

  • TPE, Cyberskin, UltraSkin and TradeMarked materials: They send a unique feeling dildo that vibrates. This vibrating dildo is made from "Vixskin", a unique blend of silicone developed by sex toy manufacturer Vixen. It's luxuriously smooth and doesn't cause irritation, even after hours of use.

  • Metal: This sexy material is not only beautiful to look at but also easy to clean as it is non-porous. Just put it in the dishwasher, in some bleach or in boiling water. The shape of this elegant device could almost pass as modern art.

  • Glass: They are stunning because they can be shaped and colored in so many ways. Some glass dildos also contain vibrators. A glass toy is made from a special type of glass that doesn't break easily. Glass toys are non-porous, hypoallergenic, incredibly safe and strong.

  • Wood: You can get splinters from these dildos. Wooden dildos have always scared me because the thought of getting a splinter in my vagina makes me shudder. But I'm exaggerating, because this hardwood dildo isn't like shoving any branch up your pussy. It has been sanded, smoothed and varnished to ensure you only experience pleasure and no pain when playing with it.

  • CERAMIC: This ceramic dildo allows women to fill its hollow interior with hot or cold water and explore how different temperatures feel inside. Its straight, rigid shape means this toy is easier to use with a partner, especially when you can't bother reaching around to find the right angle for stimulation.

  • Stone: This stunning dildo is made of blue pearl larvikite from Norway. Because it is made of stone, it is very temperature resistant, so you can play with this sex toy both cold and hot.

Realistic dildo vibrators with heating function, the newest dildo in 2022.

  • Safe Medical Materials: High quality medical silicone, non-toxic and tasteless, safe, soft, durable.

  • Multiple stimulation: 5 vibration modes, 3 push modes, 5 tongue licking modes, can stimulate the clitoris, U spot and G spot at the same time

  • Heating function: the intelligent design with a constant temperature of 43°C gives the feeling of a real one

  • Wireless remote control: 10m long range with 3 control buttons. You can control 3 different modes individually. Besides, the magnetic USB charging ensures convenient use.

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