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Uitmi Testimonials & Reviews

View different Uimi customer testimonials and reviews! Uitmi would like to thank you for all the customer's patience, help, and advice over the years. Testimonials and reviews from Utimi who posted their experiences, feelings for sex toys and bondage gear or accessories with us.
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Very powerful

Pretty incredible suction was a little too much at first but other settingwere just right. Only request would be to change initial suction setting to start at less agreesive and increment higher as button is pushed.

Very powerful

Love the product all around.
I was caught off guard of how strong the suction was. Best bang for buck.

Great product

Does everything it says.

Worth money spent.

Good suction, easy to clean.

Every Man Needs One!

Does exactly what you want. Good Vacuum.

Its Waterproof!

I like that its quite and on top of that its waterproof!!!! Couldnt ask for a better deal!

Battery lasts awhile.

Perfect for a release when the wife isn't available.

Worth the $$

A lot of features for the $$. Great value and very easy to clean.

It definitely works.

If youre alone and afraid of getting something you cant give back this is plan B.

Hard to keep clean

Its surprisingly detalied an realistic in the vagina area N it feels great but be very careful how you treat it cause ths dirt doesnt want to come off.

high detail

good material high detail.

Dust on doll

Hey, just received this product. Theres some type of powder on the doll when i unwrapped it. What is it by any chance do you know??? Love the product by the way.

It SAYS MINI pocket P!

Complaining about the size of the item is a waste of your time b/c you'll just look stupid for not reading the description & it also said, *made after an actual woman! For the guy/girl that posted it looks like a 2-4yr old!????? WTF was your mind at?????... *MADE FROM AN ACTUAL WOMAN MINI POCKET NANA!... Read! But fyi, life like texture, view & qweephing sound if you know how to work it?? no drama/complaining on how hard you wanna go! But you might rip it!????????... Let me stop!??????? Good man toy/stress reliever & price for it. If everyone had 1?? we would all get along ????~~oh, fyi!!! Clean & use either the product they recommend or something like what I use!.... Baby powder! I'm trying to keep this item the same age as I got & not the shelf life of me pounding it??

Felt good I feel relax now

I enjoyed everything and will continue foo best bang for ur buck

Very tight fits good

Good weight if you miss your woman this is just as good


This is my first time ever buying a toy and it was an amazing purchase

A small woman

I purchased this woman and thoroughly enjoy being with her. Everything is like a small woman. If you're starting with dolls, I recommend her. I have three dolls. This company is fabulous. I'll always look to them for buying. I've purchased the 1:1 woman, which will be my fourth, and can't wait to experience her. This doll is definitely worth the money. 100% satisfaction. Buy clothes and rinse hose for them. Medium top, small bottom.

just as described

this doll is awesome and no the neck does not swing that much lolol works great jiggles great spine move back for and legs do as well but they are hard to move kinda scary like im abusing it lolol it says 38 pounds and boy i wish i had a scale cuz it feels closer to 50 but i love it. just make sure to use cornstarch or talcum powder after washing to make it not tacky on the skin. the color is the same as the pic.

Its good

Its pretty good, I feels realistic. the only downside is the weight

First Doll purchase

Honest review thats not from a bot - you should get this. This is my first purchase of the sort and im not disapointed with it. Its heavy as f though. Imagine a big concrete brick, this thing weights about the same. If you think you can swing a concrete brick around then go for it. Im pretty strong myself so it doesnt bother me that much. You will need some extra pillows to adjust the position of the doll. Other than that I regret nothing, it looks good and feels great. If youre debating to get it, just go for it you wont regret it as a first buy.

Its works get it

Tight tight tight! Lots lube busy all day ahhh


Hard to position. Fun to use

Feels nice

Thought it would be bigger. Kind of feels like your pounding a headless midget. Still, all in all a great buy. Doesn't talk or complain about anything. It's never too tired!!


First of all, this doll is fairly large and heavy, which makes it a bit awkward to clean and store discretely, but it is the size of a small woman, which is nice for realism. The large breasts, narrow waist, and round butt is very provocative, and it feels like the real thing when in use with a good water based lube. The internal skeleton does a good job keeping the torso straight. The hip joints are a bit stiff, but that does help keep it in the position you want it in. Anyway, all in all, a great product, and I'd buy it again if I needed to.

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