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Which Erogenous Zones Turn Your Partner On?

Which Erogenous Zones Turn Your Partner On?

You may already know what makes your partner feel good and gooey. Wait… do you really? You might actually be surprised by what REALLY turns them on. Let's take a look at some of the best erogenous zones.

Lower Back:

Both men and women are stimulated by a deep low-back massage. In addition to being relaxing (because when stress is released, the mind and body can be unleashed), you are physically increasing blood flow. This will naturally start moving and swirling around… to the pelvis. The increased pelvic blood flow is a physical turn on. Plus, just being touched and massaged in a loving and relaxing way shows that you care about your partner’s comfort and well-being. That feeling of being cared for is a huge emotional turn-on.


You need to know how to give good head. And while, YES, great oral sex is great, I’m actually talking about mental, emotional and intellectual stimulation - especially for women. Talk to her. But don’t just talk and “hear” what she says, but truly listen. Connect with her. Ask questions. Be interested. Imagine that she is this incredible cave with endless depths, dimensions, and pathways to explore.

More than asking questions, share areas of connection and “me too” beliefs and experiences that link you two together. When a man truly “sees” a woman, and I mean sees her for who she puts out for public consumption as well as her quiet secret side, she feels like she’s not alone and truly appreciated and honored for who she is deep down. When a woman feels seen for who she is, her heart opens, and that’s sexy!

The Inner Thighs:

For both men and women, the thighs are a must-explore erogenous zone! The muscles in the inner thighs tend to be tight and tender. If you spend time massaging those muscles, you are releasing the tension and getting the blood flowing. Plus, the tempting close proximity to your sexual organs creates the super seductive feeling of anticipation, which is always is an instant turn-on.

The Groin:

There’s a reason why men (and women, too, though it’s not so externally obvious) get turned on during massages. It's because the muscles in the groin area are relaxed, blood starts to flow, and the pelvic area is flush with fresh hot blood.


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