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How to Give a Sensual Massage

How to Give a Sensual Massage

For as long as there have been couples engaging in the "how do I get sex tonight" dance there has been the question, "Hey babe, would you like a massage?" Why? Well, because massage has long been an effective way to begin romance between couples and is very much a well-known "gateway" activity to sex. How many times has your guy asked you if you need a little back rub and 6 seconds later he is rubbing your boobs, which, by the way, isn't the worst thing ever am I right ladies? This is because there is something very sensual about rubbing our lover during a massage and it is definitely very intimate. 

So how about we skip right to the chase and design a massage that is definitely supposed to be sensual? Sensual massages are a 2 in 1: a massage that feels great and a lead in to sex. Technically, any massage can lead to sexual activity, but a sensual massage is meant to seduce as well. Here are some things to try.




For Her: Starting on her back is a great way to actual get in some massaging because if you start on her front it likely will not last long. The back, and specifically the lower back, is a sensitive and erotic spot for men and women. For women, this is a place of tension due to walking in heels or having breasts, so rubbing her here will actually aid in stress relief as well. You will want to oil her up and allow your fingers to glide around on her lower back in a sort of "side to side"motion, placing extra pressure on the very lower back. Extend this to her sides, pulling up as you rub. This will cause her hips to raise and her butt to jiggle, and this is arousing for both of you.

For Him: Even though he would probably prefer he be on his back so that he can see you sitting atop him naked, the idea is to slowly seduce and de-stress so let's start on his back first too. Making sure you are using enough pressure for his muscles, lean into the rubbing as you slide your hands up and down his back from shoulders to lower back. Turn your hands around and around in circular motion and make sure to sit far enough back on him (upper thigh area) so that when you rub to the top you effectively lay on top of him, letting your breasts graze his back. This is super arousing for him.


For Her: Many women love the feeling of a butt rub. It is erotic and comforting at the same time. For sensual massage the trick to an effective butt rub is to massage the cheeks at the same time and to grab and open the space between them, as to cause a slight opening of the vaginal lips. This is an extremely arousing sensation and it will likely cause her to spread her legs wider to enhance the sensation. Let her hands slide down the outer side of her buttocks toward her hips, then down her upper thigh, then up the middle of her cheeks. Toward the end of this portion of the massage, you should let your fingers graze her taint (spot between her butthole and vagina) and, if she enjoys it, a little outer rimming of her butthole can be sensual too.

For Him: He will totally enjoy having his butt rubbed by you because we women tend to ignore a man's butt, besides the occasional slap or grab. Spread his legs slightly and allow your oiled hands to knead his butt cheeks gently, then a little more firmly. Allow your thumbs to hit that spot where his glutes and thighs meet and slightly open up his cheeks. Run your hands down between his cheeks and perhaps, graze his balls just a bit! Then back up again and down his hips.


For Her: This is the end of the part of the massage with her on her back. So, it is time to concentrate on her upper thighs, calves and feet. I suggest starting from the feet with a short massage because it feels so good, then move up to her calves just to relieve the tension. Then, finally, you get to her thighs. Since her vaginal area is between her thighs, this is where things heat up. Spread her legs comfortably and work your way from her knees to her butt, rotating and gently squeezing her upper thighs. Then, let your hand dip down to her very, very inner thigh and use a thumb to gently massage her outer vaginal lips - but not too much. You can use both hands at the same time to massage her inner area, effectively opening her vaginal lips completely, and this should drive her mad!

For Him: While he may not care too much about his feet or calves, you should still start there to give him the full, relaxing effect. Remember to put pressure into your rubs so that you do provide muscle tension relief. Start with his feet, then calves, and then thighs. Since his manhood is in between his thighs, this will be very arousing for him. Spread his legs comfortably, and rub is upper thighs from top to lower, inching your way toward his balls. Men do normally carry a lot of tension here, so this is a good place to do a legit massage as well. Massage his upper thighs by circling your whole hand around them, and down between them. Making sure your thumbs get into the crevice between upper thigh and buttcheek. Then, circle your fingers down between them to graze his balls. Oh yeah, he will be getting the picture and will be read for you to turn over!


For Her: Now we are getting to the hot zones for sensual massage and at any time this can take a turn toward sex but try to hold off a little longer. You may want to just grab and fondle her oiled-up breasts, they will look enticing and sexy. However, you want to massage with purpose and sensuality. Rub circles around her breasts, one at a time, and gently squeeze them. Pinch her nipples between your fingertips, rolling them gently in between, then go back to cupping her breasts and squeezing them. Allow your hands to slide around her chest. Pay attention to whether she is arching her back into your rubbing, as this indicates what moves she likes the most. Be gentle and firm.

For Him: This part of the massage will be the most visually appealing for him and he may start to come to full erectile attention at this point. You will want to sit atop him, basically on his penis without penetration, and rub your hands up and down his chest, making sure to lean into it as you do it, allowing your breasts to come into contact with his chest. He will get the visual of you being naked, your breasts (perhaps already oiled up) swaying around as you caress his chest. Make sure you use a little more pressure as you push down on his chest and work those muscles. You may notice another muscle stirring beneath you.


For Her: At this point all that is left is the vaginal area, and we have saved the best for last. She should be feeling relaxed and sensual, and hopefully her breast massage has left her ready for this next transition. Spread her legs wide, yet comfortably, and allow your oiled fingers to slide around the inner thighs, gently pulling open her vaginal lips, then massaging just a bit, then move back to her inner thighs again. The next round transition to rubbing between her lips a bit, over her clitoris, then back down the sides of her labia again. Keep your hands moving in a mystery position, always hitting her inner thigh, vaginal lips, and clitoris. Stick to external rubbing of the clitoris and lips for a long while before she is primed and ready for internal stimulation - and this is done any way you want!

For Him: I am sure he is eager and ready for your hands to be concentrating on his manhood. Have him spread his thighs comfortably, and you can either sit yourself atop him facing his lower area, so he gets that nice rear view - or - you can sit between his legs, so he gets the frontal view. Either way, you are going to want to run your hands around his inner thighs, cupping his balls gently and massaging them in between flirty strokes of his penis. When I say "flirty" I mean one stroke up, then move on. You can also rub his taint (the area between his balls and anus) with a well-oiled hand and this will be very sensitive for him. If you are facing him, you can put your hands in thumb-to-thumb position (as if you are making the hand-heart shape) and rub both thighs at the same time, then circle around and slide your hands around his penis shaft for a nice stroke down, then end at his balls. Trust me, he won't really care how you are massaging him down there as long as you are, but you want to leave the true penis massage for the very end!


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