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Do THIS to Make Sexting Sexier!

Do THIS to Make Sexting Sexier!

Sexting can be sexy…or creepy.

Sexting can also be gross, or sometimes even scary, if not done the right way.

So, what’s the right way to send sexy texts? That depends on your relationship and your partner. Just because one ex may have loved your raunchy messages, that doesn’t mean that your current partner will.

Do THIS to Make Sexting Sexier!

So, how do you know what your partner likes?

Your first step is communication. Don’t sext until you talk! Communication is the foundation of your relationship, bridging you together and turning potential confusion into clarity and even closeness. Communicating your likes and dislikes, interests and edges can expand and deepen your relationship. Talk about what you think is sexy, what turns you on and what would turn your partner on. Ask what words your partner likes/doesn’t like, and expose your preferences, too. Talk about photos, selfies and what body parts you are both most excited by.

When do you have the sexy sexting conversation?

The perfect time to have this conversation is when you are most open - after sex. If you haven’t taken your relationship to that level, then talk about it during a very connected moment, such as when out on a date.

Sending your first sext...

When you send your first sext, start slowly. More than what you say, consider when you send it. You don’t want to create a seriously embarrassing moment for them - like if their 14-year-old nephew is playing with their phone or their boss is looking over their shoulder! First, ask what they are up to. If it seems like the coast is clear, then send an initial “I’m thinking about you… and how sexy you are.” They might respond with “Oh yeah… What are you thinking about?” Then, you can slowly escalate from there. Maybe ask if he's ready to try out your new Orgasmixxx Sex Game tonight!

Take your sext off the phone and into real life.

Start practicing your dirty talk over sext, but then say it out loud the next time you’re together in the flesh. Not sure what to say? Tell them how you feel, how you want them to feel, what you want to do to them, and what you want them to do to you.

A few dirty talk lines to try?

It makes you wet when I stick my tongue deep inside you, doesn’t it?

Can you imagine my tongue deep inside you? Close your eyes. Imagine me licking you. Now tell me that you love feeling my mouth all over your pussy.

You want me to lick you, don’t you?

It makes me/you so hard to go down on you and taste your dripping clit in my mouth.


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