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5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Have

5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Have


As much as we all like to claim that we do not masturbate, we do. Or we should anyways. There is something to be said about being able to rev your own engine. You need to be able to satisfy yourself without a man present, although sometimes toys are better with a partner. I have found that taking care of it yourself can be a great experience. It is cleaner, less sweaty and seems to happen a whole lot faster! Masturbation is a great tool for stress relief and you will always sleep better after an orgasm.

It is also a great time to find out what makes you tick. I find it easier to direct someone to my pleasure if I actually know how to get there.

Self-love is a great way to relax from the day and relieve all the stress from the day. Masturbation is also a great way to achieve the orgasm you need while you are single or your partner is not around.

Now there really is no need for toys of course, though they make it quicker and usually, way more intense. With tens of thousands of options to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the right one. So I am going to give you my special five. The top five toys you will NEED to have in your toy box.

Egg/Silver Bullet:

These are two of the same type of toy. A small bullet or egg-shaped toy that must have a great vibration. The best toy I have is a 15 dollar egg that runs on AA batteries. A good silver bullet should have a strong vibration because this is really what you are buying it for. They last for a year or more and it seems like the least expensive ones work the best.

Another feature that most eggs and bullets come with, is most, if not all of it will be waterproof. This can change the way you look at shower and bath time! There really is nothing better than taking a hot bath after a long day, while you vibrate yourself to an orgasm. Beware though, I have fallen asleep afterwards and woken up in ice cold water.

The Perfect Dildo:

The size and shape will depend on your personal needs, but you should find the perfect size. This should be a size that hits your G-spot and with enough girth to stretch you just right. The texture of the dildo is also a big part of the choosing. There are many dildos made out of latex and can cause issues if you have allergic reactions. I bought a dildo once that was made of latex and in minutes I was actually swollen! So be careful what material your dildo is made with.

A feature that I personally look for in a dildo is a suction cup on the bottom. This can be used as a handle, as well as stuck to many different surfaces. A suction cup will give you a chance for some hands-free fun, as well as a nice work-out. Though this work-out has a happy ending!


This is a great toy that can be used to give you the coveted dual orgasm. While a silver bullet will give you a “topical” orgasm, a dildo will give you the deep inside G-spot orgasm. These are two very different orgasms and if you can get them both at the same time, well, life is good.

A rabbit is a toy that will have two prongs. The larger prong will be inserted inside of your vagina, while the smaller prong will nestle against your clit. The smaller prong will look like rabbit ears, thus the name. There should be vibrations throughout both parts, quickly taking you to bliss. The only problem with a rabbit though is to find one that fits your specific body perfectly. Toys are not a one size fits all proposition. This is especially true in rabbits.

Anal Plug:

The great thing about an anal plug is the added sensations that it can create. While most women may think that anal sex hurts, anal stimulation can give you an intense orgasm hard to accomplish any other way. Anal plugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Once again, you will have to choose the one that fits you. There are beginner anal plugs, great for the woman who wants to try something new. The plugs get thicker as you get braver.

Anal plugs are great for solo use, as well as to use with a partner. Sliding an anal plug in your bum, while your man plummets you, is a great feeling. You get the double penetration that many women desire, without the strange guy you have to rope into the act.

Ben wa Balls:

Now this may not technically be a toy, however it is a great sex tool. Not only can it cause a little pleasure when they chime and hit themselves together inside, they can also tighten you up like no exercise could. Created by the Chinese to improve a woman’s vagina after labor and birth, it is a great way for any woman to get the vagina of a virgin. There is no better sound to me, than to hear a man’s gasp as you crush him with your velvety walls.

Ben wa balls come in many different sizes and weights. The smaller the ball, the tighter you must hold them, thus the stronger your pelvic walls will become. The weight of the balls can also be a challenge because the weight makes you clamp on to it more. I have been using Ben wa balls for years and sometimes I will wear them to work for eight hours at a time. Nothing will make you vajay-jay tighter than this great invention. There is also an extra pleasure to be had when you can clamp down on whatever may be inside of you. Please note though, do not try to use them while having intercourse. There is nothing worse than trying to dig them out later. Really ladies, take it from me. Don’t do it!


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