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5 Best Oral Sex Techniques Your Man Will LOVE To Receive

5 Best Oral Sex Techniques Your Man Will LOVE To Receive

Ladies, it’s time to change up your tired, uninspired, unoriginal, even forgettable oral sex techniques. Fact is: the better you are, the better he will feel - and faster. Here are five techniques to try:

  1. All-Access Pass: One of my favorite all-access positions is when your man is on his your knees with his hands pressed up against the headboard or wall, and you are laying on your back between his legs. This gives you the ability to suck his dick while you gently play with his balls, with one hand, and simultaneously press just the tip of your finger into his anus, giving him three times the stimulation.
  2. Tea-Time All-Access Pass: Add a little unexpected but amazingly erotic and orgasmic excitement, and change up the All-Access Pass when she uses one hand to quickly handle your shaft, from the base to the tip, while the other hand has just the tip of one finger pressing into your anus. And here’s the best part- she is licking and gently sucking your ball sack at the same time.
  3. Pray for You: You’re standing against the side of the bed, and depending on how high your bed is, she’s kneeling on the bed or on the floor. Spread your legs to allow her head to nuzzle between them, giving her access to your balls and anus so that she can go to town with all of them all at once. When you climax, you will feel like you just had a religious experience.
  4. Side 69: Tasting how excited you are making your woman, feeling her clit throbbing in your mouth and the juices starting to stream down her lips, is a major turn-on for you, one that she gets to taste, too, while she’s simultaneously sucking your shaft and cupping your balls. Because you are both on your sides, you have more freedom of movement with your heads so that you can really get into the movements. Moan when it feels good and you have added vibrations to the mix!
  5. Stand and Finger: You’re standing against the side of the bed, she is laying on her side along the side of the bed and is sucking your shaft, getting her hands involved with the perfect amount of twist and pull, as her tongue is twirling around your tip. You are fingering her clit, then taking her wetness and swirling your finger around her nipples. As she gets more excited, her enthusiasm increases, and she gets lost in the sucking. She is feverishly getting you going until she tastes your pre-cum, which turns her on even more. And together you both orgasm.


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