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3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Sex

3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Sex

Summertime - a time for backyard barbecues, afternoons at the beach, long floats down rivers, leisurely treks along hiking trails, weekends spent camping and at least a few jumps off the dock. What do all of these things have in common? They are all done outside. Add a little warm weather and your sexiest summer outfit and you might get to thinking about getting done outside yourself.

Outdoor sex is a common sexual fantasy, and it’s no wonder. Between the inherent excitement of a change of venue, the thrill of possibly being seen (a popular fantasy in its own right) and all the yummy tactile sensations mother nature offers, getting it on outside seems as it should be on everyone’s sexual bucket list. But while summer might make us feel universally sexy, some of us just aren't outdoorsy types. Don't worry: You don't have to feel left out. Here are three of the hottest outdoor summer pleasures - and how to recreate them indoors.

The Warm Sun on Your Bare Skin:

Why You Love It?

Whether it's Vitamin D or a boost to your natural biorhythms, there's no clear answer for why we feel so great when we're bathed in sunlight. One thing's for sure, though: It’s pretty yummy. Sexually speaking, being out in the sun is like a buffet for the senses. From folks running around in bathing suits to the sensual application of sunscreen and a day spent lazing about on a blanket, it's easy to see how being in the sun can get people pretty hot and bothered. Seriously - when else is it ever appropriate to go somewhere with someone wearing almost nothing, rub their body a lot and then lie down next to them in public? No time but the summer. You can practically smell the skin. Of course, you want to have sex outside!

How to Recreate It Inside?

Whether it's a fear of PDA or a serious mosquito problem, sometimes outside just doesn't deliver. To heat things up indoors, try lighting a fire in the fireplace. In the absence of a fireplace, fire up a space heater. All you need is a bright, concentrated source of light and heat. Add some massage oil (or, if you're committed to the theme, stick with sunscreen) rub each other down, bask in the warm glow and take your time enjoying some sensual summer sexiness.

Being Exposed to the Great Outdoors:

Why You Love It?

Upon a mountain or deep in a forest, it's easy to get a rush from all that fresh air. It can also feel like you're the only ones around miles, which might just give you some ideas about doing all manner of things you wouldn’t be able to do at home, like skinny dipping, alfresco sex, and plain old naked frolicking. Plus, the thrill that a hiker might just stumble on your little love nest often triggers another popular fantasy - that someone will catch you in the act. (Exercise can also boost your sex drive. Find out more in 5 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Libido.)

How to Recreate It Inside?

Open up those windows, let the air flow through your house and recreate the refreshing feeling of having a summer breeze rollover your bare skin. If you have any windows that are in a secluded area, bring your play over to them. Skylights come in very handy at times like this! You could also draw the blinds and declare it al fresco day - no clothes for anyone! Finally, consider vacationing in a remote cabin that affords you the "no one is around" freedoms and outdoor feel.

Being Wet/In the Water:

Why You Love It?

This is another common fantasy. Everyone pictures wet limbs slipping against one another, water coursing over your bodies. Plus, for many people, pools are the only place they can try out all those crazy weight-bearing sex positions. From heating it up in a hot tub to sexy pool time to recreating "From Here to Eternity" on the beach, to sneaking behind a waterfall for a tryst, no matter what you do, everyone seems to agree: Getting wet is sexy. But here's what they don't tell you in the movies: Fully submerged sex, such as in a hot tub or pool, can be highly problematic. Pool water can ruin condoms, saltwater is not kind to vaginas and all water will wash away a woman’s natural lubrication, making for less pleasure all around.

How to Recreate It Inside?

This one is easy: Get in the shower! Clear all the bath products out, maybe even bring in some sex toys to help you experiment with positions and turn your shower into a sexual playground. If you haven’t already, install a shower head with a handle and experiment with the different sprays against your bodies. Play with water temperature. Remember, this isn’t about using your shower the way you do every day; make it something new. And a little tip for you: If you want to use lubricant during your shower playtime, make sure it’s silicone-based. It'll keep things slick without washing away.

Summer Is Sexy!

Indoors or out I think we can all agree that summer is a pretty sexy season. The best part is, there are lots of ways to enjoy it. So knock boots under the stars, go skinny dipping, or just enjoy some summer-inspired play in the comfort of your own home. But don't delay: Before you know it, fall will be here .... and you’ll be getting sexy under a blanket by a fire!


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