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Why Do Many Men Enjoy Chastity Cages?

Why Do Many Men Enjoy Chastity Cages?

Many people may think of  chastity cages as a medeival device hailing from the The Middle Ages, designed to prevent wives or daughters from fornicating to protect their “innocence” or “chastity.”


While historians debate whether or not these devices existed in the past, they certainly exist today, with their use being much more consentual, and being more popular amongst male audiences.

There is a vast selection of these products available on specialty websites, with many different options for materials and functionality.

Some retailers offer the traditional-style metal devices, with a lock that can only be opened by the matching key.

Others offer next-generation smart devices with built-in mobile app compatibility.

The chastity kink is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, it is a  broad spectrum, ranging from foreplay, in which a person might choose abstinence to heighten their own pleasure, to a complete aspect of one’s daily life, where the key to a man’s sexual release is controlled by a trusted partner for days, weeks, or months at a time.

While chastity is argued to have originated as a way to restrict or limit female sexuality, chastity has adopted a new meaning in a now well-established kink community.

What Is A Chastity Cage?

A chastity cage is a cage made of plastic, silicone, metal, or another material.


Designed to fully encompasses a penis, the main purpose of these contraptions is preventing the male erection, denying sexual release.

Many men enjoy using a chastity cage during foreplay, however, some kink enthusiasts choose to incorporate a chastity cage into their daily life, giving their partner complete control over when they are allowed to have an orgasm.

Why Would Someone Wear A Chastity Cage?

Chastity cage enjoyers partake in the kink for a range of reasons, whether they enjoy losing control or simply believe in the self-proclaimed benefits of orgasm denial.

An individual’s reasons may be unique, but we know they can all agree, being caged has the ability to reintroduce novelty and excitement back into your sex life.

In a relationship with power play, like a sub/dom relationship, a master or mistress can punish their sub by denying their orgasm.

How Do You Put On A Chastity Cage?

Putting on a chastity cage is easy, and can be done in just a few simple steps.

  • First, apply a small amount of lube onto your penis and the shaft.


  • Next, carefully slip on the cock It should be much easier with lubricant applied.


  • Then, slowly insert your penis inside the cock cage, ensuring it is in a comfortable position before closing the cage.


  • Finally, all that is left to do is locking the chastity cage.

If you plan on letting your partner possess the key to your cage, if possible,  to ask them to lock the cage for you. This will ensure they are familiar with the mechanism and will minimize any difficulties when the time comes for your penis to be released.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Chastity Cages?

Aside from the materials they can be made from, there are many different kinds of cock cages that can be worn.

For example, the more extreme chastity cage entuhsiasts utilize chastity devices used for hardcore BDSM locking.

This particular type of cage involves a small steel piece inserted into the penile urethra, which causes pain and dilation.

While we won’t be going over hardcore BDSM locking cages, here are a few of the most common cage types:



  • Leather Chastity Cages


  • Plastic Chastity Cages


Each cage type comes with their own benefits and drawbacks, like the friction experienced with leather cages, or the cold rings experienced in ringed cages.

Discovering the best cage for you will take time and experimentation, but have no fear, we have plenty of options on our website for you to browse.

Is A Chastity Cage Safe?

While a chastity cage is designed to be harmless (except for the BDSM models, which we won’t disuss) the most important safety factor is to ensure the cage can be unlocked in case of an emergency.


For example, if the device wearer is in a medical accident and needs immediate treatment, such X-rays, MRI, etc., they will need a way to released immediately.

Aside from that, a chastity cage is perfectly safe to use, as long as you ensure it fits comfortably. If you cannot fit comfotably into your cock cage, you may need to search for a different size.

What’s it Like to Wear a Chastity Cage?

Many cage users enjoy how the cool steel feels against their skin, as well as the uncomfortable feeling of the cage denying their morning wood.

Sensations will vary depending on the size and material your cage is made of, however, they are universally loved for their ability to deny sexual release.

For those who want the feeling of cold, hard metal bars, the Utimi Key Pressed Chastity Cage with 3 Rings is a perfect choice, providing comfort without sacrificing effectiveness.

Can You Remove a Male Chastity Cage?

Removing a chastity cage can be done easily if you have the key.

If you don’t have the key and need to have the cage removed, contact your partner.

You can always purchase a second key if your partner refuses to release you.

Does Wearing a Chastity Cage Hurt?

Wearing a chastity cage is painless as long as it is properly fitted. Unless you are interested in BDSM, the cage should never cause you pain. 

Thus, it is crucial to purchase a cage with a proper ring size, ensuring wearing the chastity device won’t hurt.

What Types Of Chastity Cages Are Suitable For Long-Term Wear?

While most cock cages are built to last, the material of the cage will have an impact on the viability of long-term wear.

Chastity cages made of synthetic materials such as silicone or plastic have much more durability than products made of leather.

It is important to use a well ventilated cage for long-term wear, such as our Utimi Key Pressed Chastity Cage with 3 Rings.

Will a Chastity Cage Make My Penis Smaller?

A long-time chastity cage wearer will lose a small amount of length and girth due to not using the penis, but just like any other muscle, once the penis is released and allowed to be used regularly, it will return to its original size.


If you are larger than average while soft, we recommend the Utimi So Bigger Male Chastity Cage Kit with Lock and Keys, which includes 4 Cuff Rings.


More options for you to choose, please click>>https://utimi.com/collections/chastity-devices

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