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What is a masturbator?

What is a masturbator?

The masturbator is a portable masturbation tool for men. It is a sex toy loved by men and it is beneficial to relieve male desire and masturbation needs.

Construction of a masturbator:

The structure of the masturbation cup adopts a more complex two-dimensional structure than that of the female genitals. This structure creates more complex and irregular geometric patterns based on the pleasure points of the male penis. This two-dimensional structure is convex compared to that of a real person. The texture of the grain is deeper and more numerous, so more irritating and intense than the famous device. Environmentally friendly design, easy to clean and reusable. It can be said that the masturbation cup is an optimized solution for women's private parts.

6 advantages of using a masturbation cup:

1. One of the top ten most popular erotic products for men worldwide.

The masturbation cup with protruding super soft silicone design with large particles and multi-level bead friction ring allows the penis to fully feel the tenderness of the female vagina and have the best sexual experience. This product is one of the top ten most popular adult products in the world.

2. Absolutely safe sex.

Proper use of the masturbation cup will not infect any diseases, and of course you do not have to worry about pregnancy and other problems. It is your personal toy, you can have it anytime you want. Control the time of ejaculation by yourself.

3. Concentrated and stress-free. Carefully experience the fun of sex and feel the origin of sex.

Don't worry about the other half's feelings, don't worry about your own performance, the masturbation cup gives you your own space fun.

4. Stand by at any time to fulfill your needs and feel the pleasure of sex anytime, anywhere.

No matter you are alone or your partner can't cooperate, the masturbation cup can meet your needs at any time. Easy to carry, strong camouflage, you can take it with you when you travel.

5. Improve self-confidence and skills.

No sexual experience or stamina? The realistic material of the masturbation cup gives you the most real feeling, so you will not be afraid and give up early in the actual struggle. Specially designed stimulation rings with high friction and beads can help you adjust to the sensitivity and fight longer. Is your best and safest personal trainer.

6. A variety of ways to let you enjoy.

It can also be used directly without turning on the power to imitate the process of masturbation, and the vibration device and automatic mode can also be turned on. With masturbation cups, you can be creative and never refuse your desires.

How to use a masturbator?

1. Before you start using it, you should choose a suitable lubricant for your male masturbation cup. Do not choose silicone oil-based lubricants, as their formulations permanently adhere to the surface of the product and cannot be removed. Water-soluble lubricants are your safest choice, easy to clean and harmless to your body. The right amount will help you have more fun while romping.

2. Pour a certain amount of lube into the masturbation cup and spread the lube evenly on your penis, and you can start your pleasure journey.

3. After use, it must be cleaned and kept dry.


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