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Similarities and differences between Male Masturbators and Penis Pump

Similarities and differences between Male Masturbators and Penis Pump

1. What is the male masturbators, the use of the male masturbators, and the classification of the male masturbators (manual male masturbators, electric male masturbators):

What is the male masturbators?

Penis toucher that takes male masturbation in a whole new direction. It brings enough friction to ensure an amazing sexual experience that will give you an overwhelming orgasm.


Use of the male masturbators:

Male Masturbators Classification:

The classification is divided into two parts, namely:
  • manual male masturbators

  • electric male masturbators

2. What is an penis pump, the use of penis pump, and the classification of penis pump (manual penis pump, electric penis pump):

What is an penis pump?

An penis pump is a device or vacuum pump with manual control that gently draws blood into your penis and creates pressure that promotes blood flow, giving you a strong and full erection.

It is known for penis enlargement in men and also helps create a high orgasm.

Use of penis pump:

Penis pump are useful in the following ways, namely.
  • It is a wonderful personal penis enlarger.

  • It has a unique design that meets all your needs.

  • It makes your penis stronger and bigger.

  • The removable latex sheath helps hug your penis and provides maximum suction and comfort.

Classification of penis pump:

It is also classified into two types, namely:

  • manual penis pump

  • electric penis pump

3.Similarities between male masturbators and penis pump:

The male masturbators and penis pump are similar in the following ways:

  • All are male products

  • Both act on yin sperm

  • The penis pump can also be combined with the flesh of the Male Masturbators

  • They are used for both sexual satisfaction and the enjoyment of high orgasms

4.The difference between a male masturbators and an penis pump:

  • The difference according to the intended use

Male Masturbators: this can help reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and does not contain phthalates.

It has a soft feeling that envelops someone who gives pleasure.

Penis Pump: it is used as a penis extender for masturbation and sexual well-being. It also has unique designs that can meet all your needs and make your penis stronger and bigger.

  • Differences based on modeling structures

Male Masturbators: male masturbators, masturbation sucking, heating, vibration, pronunciation heating jet cup. It is made of silicone + ABS. It is made of soft and safe TPR material, which is pliable like real skin and gives a lifelike feeling with every thrust. A pair of sex lips and a soft, pliable tongue feel like a realistic woman wants to lick you.

Penis Pump: it is made of ABS & PVC & silicone. It is manually operated and freely controlled. The precise scale marking shows the penis enlargement. It has a modeling structure of a penis pump.

  • Different bases for the applicable groups

Male Masturbators: it applies to male sex or masturbation.

Penis Pump: it is also applicable in male sex and penis enlargement.


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