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What Is The Difference Between Vibrators And Dildos?

What Is The Difference Between Vibrators And Dildos?

Vibrators and dildos are types of sex toys. For many people, they mean the same thing and the names can be used interchangeably. However, this is not true. Both dildos and vibrators are used for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. That's about where the similarity ends.

While dildos are generally shaped to imitate the penis, vibrators come in a wide array of other shapes. In the same vein, vibrators are used for a whole lot more effects than dildos.

Vibrators and dildos will be contrasted in this article so you can see their differences.


Dildos are sex toys that are used to achieve sexual gratification. Although there are dildos that are not phallic, most dildos are made to look like a real penis. A dildo is used by simply inserting it into the vagina, anus, or even the mouth. Since it imitates the penis, it can be used to do everything you would with the real stuff.

Dildos can be made from different materials. However, the most preferred materials are:

  • Silicone Dildos: These dildos are, by far, much preferred. It has a silky texture that is in between soft and hard. Furthermore, it feels like the skin and is safe on the body. However, the fact that it cannot be used with silicone lubricants may be a turn-off for silicone lube lovers.

  • Glass Dildos: To start with, glass dildos are attractive to look at. They are made of glass that does not break or chip at the edges. The heaviness is a huge turn-on for people who love the feel of a huge penis. Also, glass dildos can be warmed up or cooled down to give a more sensual effect.

Dildo Massagers:

Just like their name implies, dildo massagers are used for massage. However, they are made to look and feel like dildos. Their real purpose is to help massage sore areas in the body without the need for a masseur/masseuse. They are portable massage devices and are not meant for sexual insertion in any way.

Vibrating Dildos:

This is probably the center of the continuum. Vibrating dildos are dildos that can vibrate, just like the name suggests. They can be used alone or with a partner. A vibrating dildo is not a full vibrator, that's the difference. The vibrating motor is commonly made to be removable. You can think of it as a dildo that can vibrate, not as a vibrator that looks like a dildo.

How To Use A Dildo?

Dildos can be used for anything sexual. To be more specific, here are the different uses of a dildo:

  • For Prostate Stimulation: Men can use dildos for prostate stimulation by inserting them in their butt holes.
  • For G-Spot Stimulation: Apart from insertion, women commonly use dildos to stimulate the G-spot by just rubbing.
  • For A-Spot Stimulation: For an intensified feeling, dildos can also be used to stimulate the A-spot.
  • For Double Penetration: There are dildos specially made for this.


Vibrators are sex toys that can be used internally or externally. They are sex toys with a vibrating motor that gives intense pleasure. They can be used by both men and women, although, women have more use for them. Vibrators can be inserted in the vagina, the anus, or just placed over the clitoris for stimulation. Vibrators come in different shapes and are used in different ways, the most common types are:

  • Bullet Vibrator: This type of vibrator doesn't have a phallic shape. It is simply straight and plain. The main function of a bullet vibrator is clitoral stimulation. It is not meant to be inserted in the vagina or anus.
  • G-Spot Vibrator: As the name implies, it helps to stimulate the G-spot. It can be used to reach heights of pleasure by just placing it in the inner part of the clitoris. The curved edge also makes it possible to be used for prostate stimulation.
  • Thrusting Vibrator: This is the vibrator that looks and moves like the penis. It is inserted directly into the vagina or anus. The vibrator thrusts into the vagina or anus itself, making it feel like a real sexual experience.

Dildos Vs. Vibrators:

Having highlighted the different features and types of both dildos and vibrators, this is a closer comparison.

  • Cost

On average, vibrators cost more than dildos. This comes as no surprise as vibrators are more complicated to make, considering their motors. The most expensive dildo costs about $60,000 while the most expensive vibrator costs $1,300,000.

  • Function

In terms of function, vibrators are far ahead of dildos. Vibrators are not only for penetration, they can be used for stimulation in different ways. Their vibration makes stimulation more effective. Dildos, on the other hand, depend on physical movement which could be tiring.

  • Texture/Material

Both vibrators and dildos can be made with silicone or other super cool materials. However, the motor feature of vibrators makes them limited to only some types of materials. Albeit, most vibrators are coated in Hygenic premium material.

  • Feel of Comfort

The buzzing movement of vibrators gives a more pleasurable feeling. Dildos are also comfortable but the fact that they are commonly phallic-shaped makes them limited. While a clit-sucking vibrator will give you pleasure without having to move much, you have to keep rubbing your dildo over the clitoris in a certain way.


Are Those The Only Differences?

Not completely. Dildos have no motor so they make no sound at all. Vibrators, on the other hand, sound as they vibrate. So, if you have nosy neighbors, you may want to stick with the silent dildos.

Furthermore, vibrators can be more discreet. You may have two or three of them on your table without getting noticed. The story is not the same with penis-shaped dildos.

Which Sex Toy Is Best For You?

There is no uniform body type so preferences are bound to differ. However, if you're new to the idea of sex toys, you may feel a bit inundated by the wide array of options available.

To start with, you could try our Rabbit Vibrator 2022 for a toe-curling experience. You can locate your pleasure points gradually with this incredible vibrator. You can always work your way up to higher speed as you like.


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