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How Women to Increasing Orgasmic Potential

How Women to Increasing Orgasmic Potential

Women orgasm always is a topic that people curious about. Do women have orgasms? Are there women who don’t experience orgasm? Actually there are some women who are anorgasmia, that is mean they cannot have an orgasm even with sufficient sexual stimulation. However, most of women don’t have regular orgasms because they’re so caught up in the “right” way to have an orgasm. But there is no doubt that every woman should have the capacity for pleasure and hopefully find ways for intimacy to be emotionally and physically fulfilling. So what you need to consider is how to increasing your orgasmic potential.

1. Ask Yourselves What Turns You On

What makes you feel good? Do you climax from masturbation? Is there a certain situation that works for you? Can you climax when you use a vibrator? Such thing we don't always discuss with our partners, but if they don't know what works for us or we have no idea about ourselves, it is hard to make ourself organism.

2. Let Go of Your Negative Emotions

Stress, anxiety, negative body image and relationship issues can all impact your ability to have an orgasm. if you're exhausted, distracted, even if you've recently had an argument with your partner -- you're just not going to be in the mood. Let go some of that anxiety and stress and increase your ability to achieve orgasm. And don't focus on the orgasm -- if you enjoy the journey you'll be more likely to get to the end. Focusing on a goal will surely psyche you out of reaching it.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you if you can't climax from intercourse alone. That is quite a common experience, but if you'd like to increase your chance of climaxing during intercourse, try using a vibrator during partnered sex. 

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Excessive alcohol use, smoking and recreational drug use can affect sexual satisfaction and sexual arousal in general. Smoking can restrict blood flow to your genitals. Alcohol use affects vaginal lubrication, delays orgasm or inhibits it altogether. Drugs also affect these aspects of our sex life. The fact is healthy living and regular exercise can positively impact your sex life. Exercise improves blood flow to the genitals and makes you feel good about your body (physical and psychological benefits).

4. Talk to Your doctors

There are many causes for women to feel organism. It can be the result of injury or trauma including: pelvic trauma, diabetes, hysterectomy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, vaginal/genital surgery, trauma during pregnancy/delivery and emotional trauma or sexual assault. These may all affect a woman’s sexual response and should be discussed with a doctor or sex therapist. 

Talk to you doctors. To ask what stop you from organism. In addition to having any preexisting medical conditions, there is necessary to  investigate whether medications stops your sexual response. Think about what's in your medicine cabinet. Are you taking prescription medicines? Some drugs can impact sexual response including SSRIs, anti-hypertensives (for lowering blood pressure) and even antihistamines. If your sex life has changed since being on these medicines, speak out! Hopefully there are some interventions you would try. But if you don't talk to your doctor, you'll never know.


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