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7 Ways to Transform Your Relationship

7 Ways to Transform Your Relationship

Do you remember the excitement of the first weeks, months and maybe even years of your relationship? You made sure to put effort into your appearance, you checked your attitude, you went out of your way to add spice to your sex life, and you did the little things that made the amazing new love of your life feel special.

What happened?

Sure, you threw your love a lavish surprise birthday party last year, and you created a super-sexy weekend several months ago, and all that’s great! But it’s not the grand gestures and expensive overtures that make a relationship. It’s the moments between. It’s the little things. It’s the daily habit.

Sometimes, we just get lazy, which is a recipe for a wilted relationship. Long-term, committed relationships don’t just happen on their own. They require nurturing. When you slack off on the job, your relationship will feel disconnected.

So, stop slacking! It’s time to infuse the excitement back into your relationship… tonight! Here’s how:

Tell him how much you appreciate him!

Men love to be told how awesome they are. Don’t forget to tell him how grateful you are for the specific things he does for you. You may think that he already knows. Well, tell him again anyway! You can’t be appreciated too much.

Write a love letter:

A written letter or a sweet card makes a huge difference when it comes to showing your love that you appreciate them. Sometimes we think “they know how much I love them,” so we skip the mere minutes it takes to put those thoughts on paper and miss out on an opportunity that can leave a lasting and deep impression. April encourages that you even take the next step and couple that letter with his favorite candies or homemade baked goods, “leave them for him in his office, his car, his briefcase — or somewhere he’ll be sure to find them when you’re not around."


Add an element of surprise to make sex exciting. Invite your partner into your morning shower, have an unexpected roll in the hay when ordinarily you wouldn't be able to be intimate with each other, plan a romantic dinner out, schedule a romantic trip, buy him new underwear that you know he would like, surprise him with an unexpected card...anything that is thoughtful, loving and romantic.

Give him some eye candy:

Lingerie goes a long way when it comes to turning your man on! Treat him (and you) to a new set of sexy matching bra and panties.

Play the role:

As much as you are crazy about your partner, sex sometimes can become boring. If you are in need of adding some excitement, you could just become a different person… or at least dress up as if you are. If you’re a touch tough and known as a ball-busting businesswoman, why don’t you play nice tonight with a sexy school girl costume?

Or maybe you are already the sweet one with a knack for nurturing your man as your main priority? Slip into a skin-tight Wonder Woman costume, complete with a long, layered black wig and netted stockings?  

Role playing can be a great way to enliven a secret side of yourself, fulfill your secret fantasies, and make sex fun again!

Buzz Me, Tie Me, Spank Me…

You move like this, then I move like that, you touch me like this, then I touch you like that… and aaaaahhhhhhh. Oftentimes, sex becomes so routine that you have the moves, positions and timing down to a science so exact that’s it’s no longer exciting and instead, a means to an end.

It’s time to change it up with some sex toys. But you have already done the dildo, and the rabbit plays a recurring role in your routine? Well, have you tried the We-Vibe? It's one of the most popular?couples' vibrators worn during sex to stimulate the g- and c-spot. It slips over your pelvic bone, clipping onto your clit, while simultaneously extending inside your vaginal to press against the g-spot.


Add a little lust into your relationship to help reinvigorate it. Those sexual feelings for your partner can fade over time. But you still lust, fantasize and get turned on by unavailability, mystery and sinfulness. It’s exciting to think about doing something you can’t, exploring a mystery and being a little bad. Thankfully, you can be bad and still faithful.

So, how do you create a sinful relationship within the framework of monogamy and trust? Explore fantasy, but not fantasy with your partner. You are actually talking with your partner about fantasies with others. Yeah… it’s a little on the edge and requires trust, mutual buy-in to the idea and using the energy of potential jealousy into excitement.  

It’s natural to have fantasies about other people, but you likely don’t talk about them because you’re afraid that your partner’s fragile ego can’t handle it. It’s time to explore those fantasies through conversations together, or we end up living in erotically isolated fear. So, what do you do? Create an erotic framework where these flirtatious games are exciting and not hurtful. Talking about it can illuminate erotic depth and fantasy in your partner that you may have not known was there.

But the fantasy stays between the two of you. Maybe it only goes as far as the conversation, maybe you talk through the fantasy while masturbating, and maybe you actually act it out with each other.

So, if you're ready to spice up your sex life, try one, two or even all of these tips tonight! Why wait to have the night of your life?


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