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Sex Stories We Love: Spectacular Sex Positions

Sex Stories We Love: Spectacular Sex Positions

There are so many amazing ways to spice up your sex life, but sometimes we forget one of the easiest ways to do it (pun intended). It is very easy to fall into patterns and preferences when it comes to our favorite sex positions, but mixing them up every once in a while will ensure you're trying new things and possibly finding new favorites. This week's Sex Stories We Love bends over backward to bring you the many options of sex positions out there to try!

Packing a Basket:

Ah, the great outdoors. Given that I only get to really enjoy them for a few months a year (I am the worst Canadian ever), I love to get outside for fun and friskiness as much as possible. I am also moderately convinced that Vitamin D is an aphrodisiac. So it makes perfect sense that combining two of our favorite things, food, and sex, is a perfect combination for pervy picnic positions. Now, obviously, just how sexy you make your outdoor shenanigans will depend on where you throw down your blanket and open up your basket. But the more private you make your picnic getaway, the more likely you are to enjoy all of this summer hotness.

Save Your Knees:

There are countless ways we can feel good during sex: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Unfortunately, at the same time, sex can also be uncomfortable or even downright painful. Ideally, the pain stays out of sex (unless you're all consenting), but some positions just aren't the easiest on our bodies—especially our knees. Especially if we love giving oral to our partners. Cunnilingus, fellatio, rimming—all can be greatly improved when your knees aren't in pain. Fortunately, there are many different positions to get a mouthful while still offering lots of fun and sensation to our lovers. As with everything involving sex, all it takes is a bit of ingenuity and creativity to save our knees a few extra years.

Downward Facing Dog:

One great way to also reduce bodily discomfort during sex is to try to keep your body in good physical shape. There may be lots of temptations in the world, but if you're mostly attracted by the temptations of the flesh, then why not give yoga a try? By combining flexibility, deep breathing, techniques, and a variety of sexy positions, this ancient practice can bring significant benefits to your sexual desires.

Speaking of Doggy:

When we talk of penetrative sex positions, we're usually thinking about The Big Three: missionary, on top, and doggy style. There are many other sexy positions out there, but these three get the most attention. All are classics, but if you're looking to add a little edge to your sex, doggy style is definitely the gateway to more, more, more! This guide to how you and your partner can add more options to sex from behind can bring even more sexy sensations whether you've got a penis or using a strap-on, or penetrating a vagina or an anus. Doggy style is one of the most wonderfully versatile penetrative positions for a variety of people.

Positioning Sex Toys:

We can't dish out some sex ideas and advice without including one of the most useful and sexiest pieces of wisdom you'll ever hear. Let's say it together: if you're looking to bring more to your repertoire of sex positions, introduce some of your favorite sex toys into the equation! Sex toys can take your play to the highest peaks of pleasure. Two classic toys can add some delightful vibrations to the mix. Now, wand vibrators are often tricky to pair with some sex positions because of their size and shape, but these suggestions offer great potential. Cock rings, on the other hand, are hands-free and ready to rumble. Find one that fits between your two bodies.


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