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Our Favourite Sex Positions – And Why We Love Them

Our Favourite Sex Positions – And Why We Love Them

Are there some sex positions you find yourself ‘coming’ back to time after time? My partner and I definitely have our favorite sex positions, and in the past, I’ve worried that we might be getting stuck in a rut. A rut that, admittedly, feels so good. But then when I went through the sex positions we enjoy on a regular basis, it turns out we enjoy more variety than I’d feared.

After a sensual trip down memory lane involving plenty of experimentation (for science, naturally), I wanted to share our favorite sex positions with my readers. Plus, why I think we love them so much and why they work for us.

Something to bear in mind: We’re not contortionists, acrobats or gymnasts. We’re just ordinary people. Our favorite sex positions are actually doable by many – unlike those spine-crunching, neck-cricking, thigh-deadening, Olympian-only types one often reads about in glossy magazines.

Our Favourite Sex Positions:

Doggy Style


Doggy style has been a long-time favorite sex position of ours. Sometimes we keep it simple and enjoy the sensation of raw fucking whether as part of our usual sex life or a quickie. What I really love about the doggy style sex position is that there’s plenty of potentials to kink it up.

He can push my face into the pillow, hold me by the neck, drag my head upwards by my hair and reach under me to maul my breasts and play with my clit. I have the freedom to add in a vibrating bullet or wand vibrator for additional clit stim, too – if I have my hands free, of course.

When it all gets too much and my legs feel like they’ll give out, or the sensations overwhelm me and I collapse, we can move things down so I’m laid face-down flat on the bed. He enjoys the extra tight sensation as he slips his cock into my pussy while I keep my legs pressed together. From here there’s always the option of moving to anal sex, too – as long as the lube is within reach.

Spooning / Sex In Spoons


Sex in spoons feels like our most lovingly romantic sex position. We tend to progress to sex in spoons from a late-night cuddle, or early morning, just-woken-up cuddle. A wiggle of my hips against his hard-on and he knows I’m up for a spot of spoony sex.

This is just such a comfortable way to have sex, for us. He can slip into my pussy from behind with ease and thrust until he cums, his arms around me and playing with my breasts and nipples at the same time.

I’m free to reach down and stimulate my clit while he’s fucking me too, or dip my fingers inside while he’s also in there, or simply, sleepily, enjoy being taken.

The Missionary Position

Our Favourite Sex Positions And Why We Love Them

Missionary has a bad reputation (unfairly, in my opinion) as being the most ‘boring’ sex position; the default or standard for PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex. Although the missionary position is the butt of many ‘crap sex life’ jokes (Friday night, missionary position with the lights off), we find it an intimate position which feels sensual and comfortable all at once.

The main difference between the missionary position and the previous ones I’ve mentioned is eye-contact. During sex, the conversation isn’t exactly a priority for us – verbal communications tend to be along the lines of filthy/kinky name-calling and sensory exclamations. Add in the eye-contact during the missionary sex position and it feels like a non-verbal insight into my partner’s mind. As we’ve been in a relationship together for many years, I’ve learned to read the signs when he’s feeling extra kinky, or simply like fucking me savagely, or wants to take a softly loving approach.

Enjoying eye-contact during sex, such as in the missionary position, really keeps me mindful at the moment. It can intensify the physical arousal I feel during sex, as well as heightens the kink-related sensations of being called those filthy/kinky names, or asking him to do something specific to me.

From the missionary position, we can also easily slip into the Folded Deckchair, which incidentally is coming next…

Standing-Up Sex


Finally, sex standing up. We find this one requires the most energy, unsurprisingly – but sometimes you’ve just got to get that quickie wherever you are. Against a wall, against a desk, in the shower – there isn’t always a comfortable bed to fuck upon.

Sex while standing up and facing each other can be quite tricky, not sure why but the angles don’t seem quite right for us. I’m slightly taller than my partner, which may have a bearing. For comfortable angles during stood-up sex facing each other, I need my hips to be higher than his, which means he’d have to hold me up around his waist while I grip on with my thighs and he thrusts into me. Unfortunately, this isn’t so comfortable for him! He’s certainly a strong man but trying to fuck someone while carrying their full body weight isn’t a cinch.

Our standing-up sex is usually done in a vertical doggy style, or spoons style, if you will. I lean against whatever is available – the wall, the door, the desk, the shower door – and lean over slightly while he thrusts into my pussy from behind. This is much more comfortable for us. It feels extremely kinky and arousing having quickie sex like this, especially as we’re often still mostly dressed.

There’s something intensely erotic about the scramble to only unbutton/tug aside enough clothing to provide fuckable access, then be fucked brutally while still otherwise still in your everyday attire. Then the briefest of clean-ups, a hasty straightening of our clothing so we look presentable again (if suspiciously flushed) and carry on with our day – enjoying the kinky romance of a saucy shared secret.

Folded Deckchair


We love the “Folded Deckchair” sex position so much, it got its very own blog post. Click to read Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Position And How To Try It Out for yourself.

Until summer last year, I didn’t even know that the sex position we often slipped into from missionary had its very own name. I was quite excited to find out we’d stumbled on something so awesome, by accident.

So, what is the Folded Deckchair sex position? It’s when the ‘penis-receiver’ is on their back, then the ‘penis-giver’ kneels between their legs and the receiver puts their legs over the giver’s shoulders. During penetrative sex, the penis doing the penetrating is thrust deep into the receiver’s body, folding the receiver’s body in the process -much like how a traditional deckchair folds up.

This has the effect of extremely deep penetration, as well as keeping my body flush and close against my partner’s, which gives us additional sensuality and intimacy during sex. He can kiss me, put his face close to mine and whisper/growl obscenities in my ear – all while at the deepest point of penetration. The position does require a bit of flexibility, so it makes me feel quite supple as well. It’s amazing. We love it.

Scissors / Scissoring Sex

utimi-Scissors -Scissoring-Sex

Another brilliant sex position that we enjoy, during which we can enjoy eye-contact and extreme closeness, is scissoring. The scissoring sex position is often associated with F/F sex, but the PIV sex with my partner is very similar, so we call it our ‘scissors’ sex position too.

It’s basically like a half version of the Folded Deckchair. While face-up on the bed, as if for missionary position, I keep one leg flat to the bed and he hoists my other over his shoulder. Coming in at an angle gives him a different sensation to his cock as he enters my pussy, and he can enter me extremely deeply. We do enjoy our deeply penetrative sex positions! As I say, this position is also great for maintaining eye-contact and feeling extremely kinky while we have sex.


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