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Hot Sex Positions That Are Better With a Spreader Bar

Hot Sex Positions That Are Better With a Spreader Bar

Here’s the thing about many forms of bondage: unless you’re restraining a person to, for example, the corners of a bed, you’re gaining immobilization but losing availability to their fun bits.

Now this isn’t a problem, per se, but if you do like to mix your bondage with sex it can be a bit of a logistical challenge. Unless, that is, there’s some secret device out there that allows near complete restraint while still granting erotic availability.

Spreaders Bars: Simple, Effective - and Fun!

A spreader bar is a bar connected to a pair of cuffs. How complicated it can be depends on the needs of the users - as well as their budget.

The simplest version could be just a thick wooden dowel, a pair of sturdy hooks and some way of connecting it to a pair of available ankle or wrist restraints. On the other end of the scale we’re talking master-crafted components running into the triple, or even quadruple, digits. In between, there are many safe and affordable options made of nylon, such as the Enchanted Spreader Bar from Sportsheets, which will cost you less than 20 bucks. In fact, inexpensive, safe spreader bars abound. So don't DIY this one unless you know exactly what you're doing. It's safer that way.

Spreader Bar Safety:

Speaking of safety any form of bondage brings the possibility of serious injury. We’re talking nerve and tendon damage leading to permanent loss of mobility, or even just a nasty and painful sprain.


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