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Work Off Your Holiday Stress With Sex!

Work Off Your Holiday Stress With Sex!

Between shopping for gifts and dealing with difficult family members, the holiday season is notorious for causing stress.

But before you pull out some “medicinal” booze, there are much healthier alternatives for managing stress – namely sex!

Sex has been used to relieve pressure and stress for countless ages. Just look at all the jokes about uptight people needing a good roll in the hay! Medical researchers have found a clear link between sex and physical intimacy along with being in a good mood and having less stress. Interestingly enough, they also learned that being in a good mood then lead to more sex – creating a self-sustaining cycle! Bad news for single people: masturbation by itself didn’t have the same effect.

In addition to stress relief, sex has a number of other health benefits as well. Regular sex can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, burn calories, and much more! So if you and your partner is feeling stressed, here are a few sexy and productive ways to work it off!

Intimate Massage:

Touch all by itself can help relieve stress, but it’s even more effective when combined with physical intimacy. Ask your partner to lie down on the bed. Then turn the lights down low and light a few candles to set the mood. Gently start rubbing your partner’s shoulders and slowly work your way down their back. Nothing beats a relaxing massage when it comes to foreplay or stress relief!

Building a Sense of Togetherness:

Just holding someone in your arms can relieve stress. Sexual positions that emphasize closeness like spooning or eye contact such as missionary are especially beneficial. They offer your partner social as well as emotional support which helps make stress easier to manage.

Deep Breathing:

On its own, deep breathing can be a quick and easy way to calm down and release stress. When combined with sex, however, it can lead to impressive “downtime” during oral as well as increased pleasure. During sex, deep breathing encourages you to take things slow and steady – leading to a more sensual and passionate tryst. Some tantric sex exercises even rely on deep breathing.


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