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How To Get Him To Give You The Best Oral Sex!

How To Get Him To Give You The Best Oral Sex!

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Oral sex is often a sadly overlooked and underrated foreplay technique. In fact, sometimes it can deliver orgasms that are deeper, longer, more intensely satisfying than any vaginal sex, even giving you multiple squirting orgasms that leave you feeling like you might black out as you uncontrollably moan, scream, bite and writhe with pleasure. Yeah… that good! I know because I have had them. It’s your turn to have the best oral sex! So, go through your drawers and throw on some sexy lingerie to get things going!

  1. First the basics: Keep it clean! That means take a shower. If you are about to get busy after a long and sweaty day, take a moment to go into the bathroom and use a wet washcloth to clean off. Try not to wipe down with a tissue, as it often leaves little balls of paper in between your lips - not sexy. 

  2. Be aware of your hair. Many guys prefer no pubic hair at all. Some like a little tickle. Few (but still some) love a full-on bush! Talk to your partner about what turns them on when it comes to how much hair you’ve got going on down there.

  3. Make the decision to let go! Once he has started to go down, just lay back and enjoy it! So many women have a hard time truly letting go, making it so that it’s not as enjoyable for you, and kind of a waste for him. He WANTS to please you! Let him.

  4. Compliment, and then direct. Like the motion, but he’s a few millimeters off the spot? Tell him that you love how it feels, and could he do it a little more to the left. As soon as he hits the spot, let him know with a moan and a “yes!” that he’s right on target!

  5. Get him to try sucking your clit (it doesn’t have to be just licking). How do you get him to do that? Dirty talk! Say “your tongue feels so good. I want you to suck it, too! Yes! A little harder. Oh my god yes!”

  6. Don’t be afraid of the orgasm. Cumming in his mouth can be the most mind-blowing orgasm you will ever have. Truly. If you’re almost there, but he starts to come back up, tell him, “I’m about to cum. I want to cum in your mouth. You turn me on so much!”

            Try these tips right away, and begin having the best oral sex you can imagine! Even think about trying a tasty gel to complement the experience.


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