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How to Clean Sex Toys

How to Clean Sex Toys

With proper care and maintenance, your favorite sex toys can last for years. The best way to keep your toys looking and performing like new is to keep them clean regularly – ideally before and after each use.

Basic Sex Toy Cleaning Rules:

There are two basic ways to clean sex toys. The traditional method involves washing your toy in warm, soapy water, rinsing it off, and then drying it with a clean towel. This method is quick, easy and budget-friendly. But its effectiveness depends completely on your scrubbing ability, which might be hampered by your toy’s shape and material.

The easiest method involves spraying your sex toy with a specialized toy cleaner, rinsing or wiping it off (depending on the directions) and then drying your toy with a clean towel. While you do have to pay extra for the toy cleaners, many of them contain antibacterial agents, deodorizers and other beneficial features to help keep your favorite sex toys in tip-top shape.

Recommended Cleaning Methods For Common Materials:

The type of material your sex toy is made from determines the optimal cleaning method. For instance, toys made from soft and flexible materials like TPE or TPR need mild facial soap. On the other hand, you can use standard dish detergent to clean sex toys made from firm materials like plastic. Non-porous toys collect lint and hair even if they’re just lying around in your nightstand, so you need to use lint-free cloths or towels and keep them in a special storage bag. Carefully check your sex toys’ instructions for any additional cleaning instructions and requirements. The chart below lists the common sex toy materials and how to clean them.

How to Clean Sex Toys

Exceptions to the Rules:

While the general cleaning methods work for most sex toys, there are two types of toys that require a special touch.

1. Anal Sex Toys
Always clean your anal toys with hot water and antibacterial soap, regardless of their material. Make sure you do a very thorough job cleaning them. A half-hearted effort will quickly ruin your toy and your fun. It might even cause health problems.

2. Sex Toys Made From Realistic Materials
Realistic materials are not the same thing as realistic dildos or masturbators. Realistic materials are a special type of material such as Cyberskin or UR3 designed to look and feel like real skin. While realistic materials can make your sex toys feel incredibly life like, they do require some extra care.

After you finish washing your sex toy, make sure it's completely dry. Then lightly dust it with the special renewal powder included with your toy. Store your sex toy and a spoonful of the renewal powder in a sealed plastic bag until next time. If you run out of the renewal powder, you can order more or substitute corn starch instead.


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