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Can You Lose Sex Toys Up Your Bum?

Can You Lose Sex Toys Up Your Bum?

Can you lose sex toys up your bum? If you use butt plugs and other anal sex toys, it’s a sensible question to ask.

There’s definitely truth in this worry. Not that the item would go completely missing and never be found, but it can easily go way too deep for you to retrieve. When you insert something into your anus it can get pushed or sucked too deep inside to be retrieved or pushed out. It’s the natural reflex of the anal area to draw things up deeper into the body. This could easily lead to a very embarrassing trip to the hospital, which I’m sure you’d want to avoid!

How To Use Anal Sex Toys?

This is not to say you shouldn’t use anal sex toys at all. Only use toys which have been specifically designed for anal use. These toys will have an easy grip handle as well as a loop or preferably a flared base. This means that they are easy to keep hold of, gives you greater control over your (or a partner’s) pleasure, as well as giving you peace of mind and easy retrieval.

Use Lube:

You should always use sex lube when using anal sex toys or having anal sex. This area doesn’t naturally produce lubrication like the vagina. This means anal stimulation can be very uncomfortable or even dangerous if you don’t use lube.

Condoms For Ease:

Why not place a condom over a vibrating love egg with a strong loop and try this out anally if you want an anal adventure? In fact, placing condoms over anal toys before use makes them both easier to clean afterward and avoids them getting distastefully scented despite thorough washes. Note that using a condom isn’t proven to reduce the toxicity of toxic and non-safe sex toys. Always make sure your sex toys are made with a non-porous, body safe material such as silicone.

No Physical Barrier:

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not have a physical barrier to the rest of the body. The muscle there is designed to expel waste, however, the anus leads to the rectum. This, in turn, leads to the intestinal passages. Therefore, a bit far for your fingers to reach.

The Bottom Line:

So, can you lose sex toys up your bum? Yes, it’s very possible. Never insert anything that hasn’t been designed for sexual use and never use anything in your anus that hasn’t been designed for that area.


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