Let’s just face a few facts: sex is important in a relationship. This includes oral sex. There are plenty of articles written about how to give mind-blowing blow jobs. I’ve written a few myself! Yet when it comes to oral advice for men, there seems to be a gap in available information. The few articles I have seen are typically written for men by other men! That’s like the blind leading the blind! In my vast experience, there are very few men who not only aren’t willing to go down on a woman, but there are even fewer who know what the hell they are doing once they get down there.

Fellas, it’s a vulva. It’s not the space shuttle. It’s just not that complicated!

If you really want to live up to the image you have of yourself as a sexual Tyrannosaurus, then pull up a chair and take notes - class is in session. If you’re lucky, there will be an oral quiz with your lover later.