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How to become a product tester at Utimi Sex toy

How to become a product tester at Utimi Sex toy

Sex toy tester - Free sex toys:

Even the most beautiful thing in the world wants to be tested. The sex toy supplier Utimi is looking for testers.

You always wanted to test the newest toys or just try yourself with sex toys? In this blog article we explain how you can become a product tester at Utimi!

And it's really easy for you to join in. How? OK, we confess: We do it. Often and Gladly. We masturbate! But not (only) for fun, no.... "We masturbate for science!". Who we are? We work at Utimi, the world's leading provider of premium sex toys. And our goal is to develop products that satisfy real customer needs and desires. Sex-tech products not only look stylish and are of high quality, but are also innovative and revolutionary. We can only do that if we incorporate the opinions and feedback of our users directly into product development. Therefore, we take our job very seriously and invest in research and development - just like any tech company does.

Why Do We Test Sextoy Products At All?

The goal is to develop products that satisfy real customer needs and desires. However, this is only possible if we allow the opinions and feedback of our users to flow directly into product development. That's why we're now calling on all interested parties to join the test. 

When we add new products to our range, we are of course eager to hear your opinion! However, we do not always carry out a test on all new products, but on the absolute highlights.

Sometimes, on the other hand, we are interested in your feedback on products that have been in the shop for a long time - of course we want to get better and better for you and are always open to your honest reviews.

 sextoy tester bei Utimi kostenloses sexspielzeug

Where and how can you participate?

When product tests are coming up, we'll always let you know on our website and social media channels. One more reason to follow us! If you haven't subscribed to us yet, you can quickly do so here: Utimi Facebook, Utimi Instagram, Utimi Twitter, Utimi Youtube.

And then it's: Just keep your eyes open for our sextoy product test update!

Sextoy testers can register for free and receive an email as soon as a product that fits their preferences is available. If you give a short feedback that you would like to participate in the test, you will then receive a neutral package.

 Participants complete a questionnaire with feedback for internal evaluation. The data is anonymous and the delivery address is deleted after delivery. The effort is worth it: The toy may be kept as a gratitude and reward.

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