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All About Vibrators

All About Vibrators

The vibrator is the most popular adult sex toy in the world. Why? Because vibrators are the perfect masturbation tool for both men and women. They also can greatly heighten sexual intensity for couples. Vibrator orgasms tend to be much more intense and many women have multiple orgasms by using a vibrator.

Choosing a Vibrator:

There are so many factors you can consider before buying a vibrator it can make your head spin. You can pick from electric or battery powered, type of material, penetration or clitoral stimulation, noise level, vibration variation, waterproof and more!

It's really simple to choose the right vibrator for you. Simply browse the selection of the different styles that you are attracted to. Start with one that appeals to you. Be open to having a collection of 2-3 favorite vibrators on hand. Then use the one that matches your mood when the time is right.

Vibrator Materials:

Glass: Quality glass dildos are made of Pyrex. Pyrex is an ideal material for making sex toys because it is non-porous, making it easy to clean. It is completely hypoallergenic, easily sterilized and very durable. Glass can also be used with all lubricants (due to its slick, non porous nature, some people actually find that they don't need any lube at all!).

Silicone: great material for vibrating sex toys because it feels warm to the touch. The texture of silicone is similar to the softness of the skin, giving it a sensual feel. Silicone is non-porous and cleans easily with soap and water. Unlike some latex materials, it doesn't get sticky after being used. (No more picking lint off your freshly washed dildos!) Silicone products are also the only way to go for people who have latex allergies. Just don't use a silicone-based lube with your silicone vibrators, it could damage them.

Plastic: Offers powerful vibrations; the hard plastic transfers vibrations very well. Slimline and egg vibrators are commonly made out of plastic.

Latex: Softer than plastic and has a flesh-tone realistic appearance. Make sure you never use an oil-based lubricant with latex sex toys. The lube will dissolve the material!

Vibrator Cleaning & Maintenance:

Your vibrator can be easily cleaned by wiping it down with a damp towel using a little soap and warm water. Just be sure to unplug electric vibrators when cleaning. Also, be careful not to get the inside or metal parts of your vibrator wet. To make clean up easier, put a condom on your vibrator before use. This is also a good idea if you want to share your sex toy with others. A removable condom will help stop the transmission of STDs. To maintain your vibrator, simply clean it after each use. Store it without the batteries because old batteries tend to leak acid in sex toys over time.


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